Google Sheets data visualization with Visible

Ever wanted to have proper Google sheets data visualization, creating dashboard views and generate appealing reports? Visible is a SaaS company that allows you to create dashboards views and graphs from multiple sources. Google sheets are one of the data sources you can integrate with Visible. That is why we are going to see how you can get the most out of your Google sheets using Visible.

Visible allows you and your company to present boring data into a simpler, easier and a more attractive way. You can integrate your data from Google sheets into Visible and then bring your team together to centralize your company’s data. Pretty awesome, right?

Google sheets data visualization 1

These kinds of SaaS companies keep on growing due to the necessity to summarize any kind of data like financial reports, KPI’s, sales and marketing reports, to name a view examples. Nowadays, KPI´s and similar numbers have to be measurable. With Visible you can have a quick look and understand metrics in an easier and clearer way. Simply visualize Google sheets data!

Visible is a great solution to easily build your dashboards and keep your stakeholders well informed. With Visible you can create dashboard views for many other purposes. In our opinion, the greatest use is definitely for KPI’s, metrics and reports.

They’re making sure that every company has the chance to engage and leverage their key stakeholders through better-looking data reports. One of their success formulas is to sincerely care about customer experience. Another one is to set new records for their first reply time and building a powerful, yet friendly to use the product. 

Google sheets data visualization

By now you probably already noticed that this blog has been written by a Google sheets user. Keep into account that the following is with regards to using Google sheets as a data source as there are numerous other sources to use with Visible. As was mentioned before, using Visible is rather easy. Select your data sources and create dashboards.

Then, once you updated your data sources you can easily update the data on Visible. What’s more, notify your stakeholders about updates, by simply sending emails from within the web app by clicking one button. This system also allows you to add transparency, automation, and teamwork for more adequate results.   

Google sheets data visualization 2

Visible is really powerful for building graphs based on data with dates. For example, if you have a historical Google sheet from several years ago, its really simple to select which periods you want to present, add moving averages or even compare the same data from earlier years. That’s where we believe that Visible really shows a lot of potential for presenting KPI’s and metrics that have dates as x-variable.

To sum up, if you have to present reports such as KPIs from Google sheets, Visible is the tool for the job to visualize Google sheets data. On the other side, Visible does not allow you to upload data from Google sheets if there are no dates. You, therefore, have to make sure that you include date variables. The variable dates have to be in rows for it to work. If you have your dates in a selected column, there is an easy solution though. Simply transpose your Google sheets data and you should be good to go. There you go, serve your data on a silver platter!

Check out Visible and let us know about your experience.

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