How to upload Excel to Google Sheets

by Dec 2, 2019

Microsoft Excel has dominated the spreadsheet world for decades, but many users are now moving to Google Sheets. Sheets is great for collaboration. As it’s an online application, anyone can access a spreadsheet via their browser, multiple users can work in the same sheet and you see what’s happening with your data in real-time.

If your team is transitioning to G Suite, you might have a large number of spreadsheets to move from XLS to Google Sheets format. If you prefer G Sheets but work with colleagues, clients or customers who still use Excel, it can be time-consuming to repeatedly convert files manually.

Some companies restrict their employees to using Excel and insist that staff only share files as attachments. At other times it comes down to personal preference: some people prefer to use Excel for heavy data processing before transferring that data to Google Sheets for collaboration. Sometimes you need Google Sheets as an input source for other software, such as Google Data Studio.

Whatever your reason for needing to upload Excel files to Google Sheets, here’s how to create a seamless, automated system to sync the two.

  • Upload and convert Excel files to Google Sheets automatically
  • Any changes in your Excel files are saved in your Google Sheets files
  • Schedule automatic updates as frequently as you need

How to upload Excel to Google Sheets

Step 1: Upload Excel to Google Drive automatically

Before you can convert your Excel files into Google Sheets, you need to move them into your Google Drive. Rather than moving them manually, one by one, you can automate this process by using Google’s Backup and Sync software.

Just store the Excel files you want to upload in the same folder on your computer, then select this folder to automatically upload to your Drive using Backup and Sync.

Step 2:

Go to Google Drive > Computers > Select folder.

Select the folder containing your Excel files.

This is how your Excel file looks when you open it:

Step 3:

Open the Google Sheets file you want to import the Excel file to. This could be an existing spreadsheet or a new file. From inside the Google Sheet, open the Sheetgo add-on.

Go to the menu to open Add-ons > Sheetgo >> Start.

If you don’t have it installed yet, find it under Get add-ons or install it from the G Suite marketplace.

Step 4: Import your Excel file

Sheetgo opens as a sidebar on your screen. Hover over the plus button to select Import or Export.

Choose to import the Excel file to this Google Sheet. Under Data source, select your Excel file (e.g. Customer_Analysis.xlsx).

In Settings, you can see that automatic updates are enabled by default.

Choose your preferred frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly).

Step 5: Filter the connection (optional)

In the Sheetgo add-on, under Settings, you can choose how you want to connect these two files.

If you wish to Filter only the customers that have a higher probability of returning to your store, for example, you would select the following:

Filter by condition > Column G: Probability next visit > Number is greater than 2.

Your automated Excel to Google Sheets system is up and running.

You have now set up automatic uploads between Excel and Google Sheets — using the Sheetgo add-on for Google Sheets and Google’s Backup and Sync software.

If you want to do this the other way around (automatically convert Google Sheets to Excel) — just take a look at this blog post.

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