How to manage workflows in spreadsheets

A workflow is a predefined sequence of steps that we can use to get our work done with. The best part about a workflow is that we can illustrate the process in the form of a sequence diagram. In the context of spreadsheets, how relevant are workflows? Can we incorporate these into our day-to-day spreadsheet work? Can we build a workflow in a spreadsheet? Let us find out.


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say no organization today can get a day to pass without working on spreadsheets. That is because of the immense value we derive out of them. Apart from storing the data, we can also use them to analyze the trends, profits and losses, performances, estimate projections, track projects, and issues etc. Each of these activities has an inherent process that leads to accomplishing the goal of the corresponding activity.

In the context of spreadsheets, we can simply think of a workflow as the way in which we can connect multiple spreadsheets together. We do so in order to facilitate information flow between them. For example, a sales workflow may require us to funnel all the regional sales spreadsheets into a master sales spreadsheet. And each region may have sub-regions that require another level of funneling. Similarly, we can imagine such workflows with many functional areas within the organization. Production planning, operations, human resources, distribution and supply chain, customer support, finance etc.

Realizing workflows in spreadsheets

Establishing a workflow on any spreadsheet application made possible. Since most business activities might call for collaboration, it makes even more sense to lean towards Google Sheets. To further ease up this process, and automate workflows through connected spreadsheets, we can use Sheetgo. It drastically reduces the effort in creating these workflows with a very minimal manual intervention.

workflow spreadsheet 1

Once we can configure the connections and workflows, Sheetgo will automatically process the information flow as desired. And here’s the interesting part about managing the workflows using Sheetgo. It lets us see, in a graphical manner, how the spreadsheets are virtually connected with each other. Give it a try by clicking the button below.

Ready to streamline your spreadsheet data?

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