How to embed Google Sheets in Google Sites

Google Sites is a tool that allows you to follow the metrics of your business. At Google Site, you monitor the data from your Google sources: Google drive, Google Sheets, Google Slides, docs forms, etc. It stands to reason that if your business uses Google tools, then Google Sites is the perfect way for you and for the stakeholders to view your main metrics. Learn in this blog post how to embed Google Sheet into Google Site.

How to customize your Google Site?

Step 1: Select a corporate image

Firstly, choose a great corporate image in order to make your Google Site appealing (Orange circle). This is an example of a Human Resources department page on Google Sites:

embed google sheet into google site 1

Step 2: Embed sheets in Google site

Use the sidebar to manage your Google Site. You can add here sheets, embed anything, change the theme and page options, modify fonts and styles, etc. Within the section Gender by site, you are able to insert information directly from Google Sheets, using a very intuitive interface. Simply open the interface, select the tables or graphs you wish to insert, and you’re done. The steps are described below:

embed google sheet into google site 2

Finally, the result is:

embed google sheet into google site 3

Google data studio: the next level

We have already seen the features of Google Sites, but there is another tool for monitoring data – Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio is even more complete than Google Sites because you can import data from other sources like Google Analytics, Ads or MySQL. You can modify everything you can imagine, but it has a cost. Google Data Studio is really more complex to elaborate on. Check this example of Google Ads stats in Google Data Studio:

Example of Google Ads Stats in Google Data Studio

In this case, the way to connect your information is a bit different. When you open a new Data Studio you have to connect one data source (Google Sheet, MySQL, Google Analytics, etc) and configure it before adding new ones. After that, you can get data from other data sources and configure one each time.

How to import data from Google Sheets to Google Data Studio?

To connect a data source to Google Data Studio, you have to open the Insert menu, click on Table, and drag the mouse over the page. You will automatically see Select data source on the sidebar. In this example, a google sheet is used.

Embed Google Sheet Into Google Site: Connect a Data Source

Next, you have to select Create a new data source at the bottom of the sidebar. Click on Google Sheets and choose the spreadsheet that you want to import data. After that, click on Add to report.

Defining Dimensions and Metrics

When you choose a Google Sheet as a data source, you have to define dimensions and metrics (dimensions are the features with which you can classify the metrics). You can learn more about it on this Google page.

Google Sites or Google Data Studio

Google Sites and Google Data Studio provide us with a way to follow and show the most important metrics of our business. Google site is simpler and lets you create a good report in a small amount of time. On the other hand, in Google Data Studio, you can follow all kinds of metrics and carry out changes.

Ready to streamline your spreadsheet data?

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