Sales report template in Google Sheets

by Apr 5, 2019

There are many aspects to managing a sales department. A sales report, for example, displays the sales information of each service rendered and displays that information by revenue category. This Sales report template summarizes detailed information from your sales leads, clients, and contracts and therefore helps you report from consolidated information. As a result, you have a dashboard to easily monitor your lead data.

Sales Report Template Diagram

Sales report template

This template automatically configures service sales reports using your leads, clients, and contracts databases. In other words, the 3 input spreadsheets are connected to the master spreadsheet “Service sales report” using Sheetgo.

Let’s get you started!

Step 1. Install the template

You can install the sales report template in Google Sheets by clicking the button above. Login with your Google account. Sheetgo simultaneously creates your Sheetgo account, after you completed the authorization. After that, you will be redirected to the Sheetgo Web Application where you find the template. Click on the ‘Use template’ button and install the template.

Sales Report Template Overview

Step 2. Open all spreadsheets

Your master spreadsheet “Service sales report” connects to 3 different input spreadsheets “Leads (Sales)”, “Clients (Sales)”, and “Contracts (Sales)”. Click on each of these spreadsheet icons to open all spreadsheets, and most importantly, start using the template. To illustrate, take a look at the Network view of the system on the image below.

Network Illustration of Sales Report Template Workflow and Connections

Step 3. Fill out the input spreadsheets

Fill out the 3 input spreadsheets “Leads”, “Clients”, and “Contracts”. Each spreadsheet consists of two tabs: one with instructions and one input tab where you simply overwrite the sample data with your own leads, clients, and contracts.

Sales Report Template in Google Sheets: Clients Sheet With Sample Data

Step 4. Configure the sales report template

Go back to the Sheetgo Web Application and click on the play button ‘Run workflow’. Consequently, the template combines the information from the processes of your sales department and show all the data in a single dashboard. It simulates services sales reports, where you have a clients, contracts and leads database. In the master spreadsheet “Service sales report” dashboard, you can now monitor:

  • Top 10 clients per value
  • Leads per stage
  • Contracts per state density
Sales Report Template in Google Sheets: Dashboard

You are all set! 🙂

Congrats! You successfully configured your sales report template in Google Sheets. Feel free to customize this system to your own company’s needs and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any difficulties/special requests.

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