Please note that this is not a regular spreadsheet template. This is a pre-made Sheetgo spreadsheet-based workflow, which is basically a ready-to-use system based on Google Sheets and operated by Sheetgo.

In this Google Sheet based Sales lead tracker template, you will have a replicable spreadsheet for your sales reps to fill in their sales leads, and a management dashboard to centralize all leads and perform analysis.

Sales lead tracker template

Every company needs a way to track sales leads. For most companies, they do this in spreadsheets. However, when you have multiple reps, who each track sales lead on their own spreadsheets it quickly becomes unmanageable. This template solves that by providing reps with a standardized template that they fill out and a sheet for the sales manager to centralize all leads and monitor rep performance.

Sales Lead Tracker Template

Let’s get you started!

Step 1. Install the sales lead tracker template

Use the button below to install the Sales lead tracker template. You will be asked to log in with your Google account to make sure that your Google Sheets are available. By clicking the checkbox to agree to Sheetgo’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, your Sheetgo account will also be created. You will need to have Sheetgo enabled on your Google Sheets account to use this template.

After logging in, click on ‘Use template’ to configure your leads tracking management template. Sheetgo will create the system inside your Google Drive and make sure that the connection between the “Reps” folder and the master spreadsheet “Leads tracking management” are in place.


Sales Lead Tracker Template in Google Sheets: Overview

Step 2. Open all spreadsheets

You can start using the template by clicking both the spreadsheet and the folder icon. This will, respectively, open your master spreadsheet and the “Reps” folder that are now stored in your Google Drive.


Sales Lead Tracker Template: Network View of Leads Tracking Management

Step 3. Fill out the input spreadsheets

Inside your “Reps” folder, you will find 3 different “Sales rep #” spreadsheets. These are your input spreadsheets. They are provided with sample data for your sales representatives to overwrite. If you have more than 3 sales reps, simply copy one of these spreadsheets and make sure to store them in the same folder.


Sales Lead Tracker Template

Step 4. Configure the Sales lead tracker template

After each sales rep has filled out their information in the input spreadsheets, go back to the Web app and update the consolidate connection. To do so, click on the play button ‘Run workflow’. The data from the “Reps” folder will automatically flow into your “Leads tracking management” master file. Inside this spreadsheet, you have an instructions tab, an overview of all the consolidated sales leads and on top of that, a dashboard that visually shows the total leads per rep, total leads per date and the number of open leads per stages per rep.


Sales Lead Tracker Template in Google Sheets: Dashboard

Congrats! 🙂

Congrats, you’ve configured your Sales lead tracker template and now have individual sheets for your various sales reps connected to a central sales manager template and dashboard. Feel free to customize as necessary to meet the needs of your business. Please note that you, however, cannot add extra columns to the spreadsheet because this will mess with the query.

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