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If you’re a busy sales manager running a team of sales development reps and account managers, you need to be able to keep on top of who’s talking to who and ensure that prospects are followed up quickly.

The hectic and fast-paced nature of sales means that mistakes can happen pretty easily. Have you ever had a situation where one of your team made a follow-up call to a lead who was already in negotiations with another colleague? Communication errors like this can cost you clients — and money.

There’s a range of specialist sales lead tracking tools available, but when your business is growing and you’re looking for customers, it’s not always a smart choice to invest precious resources in expensive software.

If you have a dedicated IT team, they might be able to build you a custom database, but it’s actually possible to create an integrated, automated system using a sales lead tracker template. You can streamline all your leads at the top of the sales funnel with the tool already sitting there on your desktop: spreadsheets.

Why use Google Sheets to track sales leads?

  • Flexible: Google Sheets lets you manage and analyze all of your sales leads in the way that suits your team. Whenever you need to change the system you can simply adapt the spreadsheets — without expensive sales software or IT support.
  • Accessible: Google Sheets is cloud-based and updated in real-time so your sales reps can access and transfer their data at any time, even if they’re on the road. All they need is an internet connection and a phone or laptop.
  • Compatible with everything: Every piece of software on the planet integrates with Google Sheets, so if you work with data from other programs, you can easily import that information straight into Google Sheets.
  • Easy to use: Most people use spreadsheets at some point during their working life and Google Sheets’ intuitive interface is ideal for beginners. Spreadsheets are easy to maintain and it’s quick to train your team to use the system.

View all your sales lead metrics in an automated dashboard:


Looking for a basic sales lead tracker template instead?

If you’re working alone or in a small team, we also offer a single-file sales lead tracker template. It doesn’t import information from multiple spreadsheets but provides a simple way to track your sales leads in one single file. Click here to get a copy.

How to get started

This spreadsheet-based workflow template is a pre-built system that allows you to collect leads data from your team of sales development reps.

The template can be used by sales teams of any size, in any company. It provides your reps with a quick and reliable way to record and transfer their own private database of leads, while consolidating all of that information into an automated list and dashboard for managers.
What’s a spreadsheet-based workflow template?

A standard spreadsheet template is a single file containing pre-built charts and formulas, but a Sheetgo workflow template is a complete system. It consists of multiple Google Sheets files that transfer data between them.

This allows reps to work in their own private spreadsheet while sharing data with managers automatically. This means there’s no need to copy-paste data from file to file or waste time locating and verifying data manually.

A spreadsheet-based workflow template gives you:

  • Organization and data privacy: Each file is dedicated to one sole task, providing better data protection and reliability. Instead of working in one large shared spreadsheet, colleagues manage their own data in their own private spreadsheet. This means less chance of manual error or overwriting someone else’s data. Information is exported from these files and merged in the manager’s master sheet and dashboards automatically.
  • Scalability: You can expand a Google Sheets-based system as your sales team grows, without redesigning the system or switching to a new solution. Whenever you need to add more data, you can simply connect more spreadsheets to the workflow.
  • Integration: Google Sheets is compatible with everything, so you can easily import and combine data from other software packages. In a couple of clicks, you can connect data from Operations, Finance, or other company workflows to create an integrated data management system.

Generate an automated list of all sales leads:


What you get with this template:

When you install the Sheetgo Leads Tracking Management template, four Google Sheets files with pre-built Sheetgo connections are saved to your Google Drive:

  • Three Sales rep spreadsheets. Share each of these files with your sales development representatives.
  • One Leads Tracking Management spreadsheet. This is the central master sheet for the manager.
Sales Lead Tracker Template

How to get the workflow template

  1. Click the blue button below to install the sales lead tracker spreadsheet template.
  2. Log in to Sheetgo with your Google account.
  3. Click Install template, and Install on Google Drive.
  4. Wait a few moments while Sheetgo installs the template and creates the connections.
Leads tracking template

Spreadsheets workflow template to monitor your team of sales reps and the status of leads.

How to use the sales lead tracker template

The Leads Tracking Management master sheet opens inside Sheetgo:


Step 1: Check out the Sales Rep files

Take a look at all of the spreadsheets to familiarize yourself with the template and how it works.

To open any of the Sales rep spreadsheets, click on Workflow in the sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen and double-click on one of the files.

In the Leads (Input) tab, the rep should enter the contact details for each of their leads, along with which stage of the funnel they’re currently at.


Each Sales rep file contains a dashboard tab. This allows each rep to monitor their results in their own personal dashboard.


Step 2: Share with colleagues

To share each of the Sales rep files with the correct colleague, click on Share in the right top corner.


Step 3: Transfer the data

Once your colleagues have started entering leads into the Sales Rep files, you need to bring that information back to the master sheet.

To do this, open the workflow menu bar on the right-hand side of the screen and click Run.

This updates all the connections in the workflow.

Take a look at your master sheet and you will see that the leads data from each of the sales rep files has been combined in the Merged Sales Leads tab.

The template uses this data to generate the automated dashboard, giving you an overview of sales leads per rep, sales per rep, leads to data, and how many open leads are at each stage of the funnel.


Step 4: Automate the workflow

To ensure you’ve always got the latest data in your master sheet and dashboard, schedule automatic transfers.

Click Automate on the workflow menu bar and choose how often you want transfers.


How to add an extra rep to the workflow

This template contains 3 pre-connected Sales Rep spreadsheets, but it’s easy to add extra files for additional team members.

Go to Google Drive > Sheetgo Templates > Leads tracking management.

Right click on one of the files, then Make a copy. Rename the file for the new colleague.

Inside Sheetgo, open your Leads tracking management workflow and go to Connections.

You will see that this workflow contains one connection called Merged Sales Leads.

Click on the 3-dots menu () and Edit Connection.


Under Source data > Multiple files, you will see that the connection is currently pulling data from the 3 Sales Rep files into the master sheet.

Click +Add another source file and select the new file that you have just created.

The file appears in Sheetgo.

Now select the correct source tab. In this case, that is Leads(Input).

Click Finish and Save.


If you go to Workflow, you will see that there are now 4 Sales Rep files connected to the master sheet.


As with the other files, you can share this new spreadsheet with the appropriate colleague and click Run to update the workflow.

If you have already scheduled automatic transfers, data from the new file will be included in the next transfer.

Design your own sales solution

Connecting Google Sheets with Sheetgo enables you to create a dynamic sales system that’s tailored to your business. You can connect additional files to the workflow, or use Google Forms for standardized data inputs.

If you’re looking for a more complex sales lead management solution or you need help customizing the template for your company, book a meeting with our automation experts.

Share with your manager

If you think this automated sales lead tracker template could be useful in your company but you’re not the manager, share this post with your boss so they can set up the system.

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