Sales lead tracker template in Google Sheets

If you’re a busy sales manager running a team of sales development reps and account managers, you need to be able to keep on top of who’s talking to who and ensure that prospects are followed up quickly.

The hectic and fast-paced nature of sales means that mistakes can happen pretty easily. Have you ever had a situation where one of your team made a follow-up call to a lead who was already in negotiations with another colleague? Communication errors like this can cost you clients — and money.

There’s a range of specialist sales lead tracking tools available, but when your business is growing and you’re looking for customers, it’s not always a smart choice to invest precious resources in expensive software.

If you have a dedicated IT team, they might be able to build you a custom database, but it’s actually possible to create an integrated, automated system using a sales lead tracker template. You can streamline all your leads at the top of the sales funnel with the tool already sitting there on your desktop: spreadsheets.

Why use Google Sheets to track sales leads?

  • Flexible: Google Sheets lets you manage and analyze all of your sales leads in the way that suits your team. Whenever you need to change the system you can simply adapt the spreadsheets — without expensive sales software or IT support.
  • Accessible: Google Sheets is cloud-based and updated in real-time so your sales reps can access and transfer their data at any time, even if they’re on the road. All they need is an internet connection and a phone or laptop.
  • Compatible with everything: Every piece of software on the planet integrates with Google Sheets, so if you work with data from other programs, you can easily import that information straight into Google Sheets.
  • Easy to use: Most people use spreadsheets at some point during their working life and Google Sheets’ intuitive interface is ideal for beginners. Spreadsheets are easy to maintain and it’s quick to train your team to use the system.

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What is the Sales Lead Tracking template

Sheetgo’s Sales Lead Tracking template streamlines sales data management. Each sales rep maintains their leads in a personal spreadsheet, which automatically feeds into the manager’s master sheet, offering an overview of all reps, sales, and leads. This template is part of a connected workflow, reducing communication errors and enhancing the sales process for faster prospect follow-ups.

The template can be used by sales teams of any size, in any company. It enables you to record all the leads and generate a comprehensive report.

What you get with this template:

The Sales Lead Tracking Management Template includes four Google Sheets files, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Three Sales Rep spreadsheets: These are personal spreadsheets for each sales representative to record and track the status of their leads. This information is then automatically fed into the central master sheet.
  2. One Leads Tracking Management spreadsheet: This is the central master sheet for the manager. It automatically collects data from the Sales Rep Spreadsheets, providing an overview of all reps, sales, and leads in the dashboard.
Sales lead tracking template

How to use the sales lead tracker template

Install the template by clicking on the button below:


Step 1: Share a file for each rep and fill them out

Share a Sales Leads file with each rep so that each one can enter the contact details for each of their leads, along with which stage of the funnel they’re currently at.


Step 2: Schedule automatic updates so that the master file is always up-to-date

sales leads tracking template

Step 3: View the dashboard

The template uses this data to generate the automated dashboard, giving you an overview of sales leads per rep, sales per rep, total leads per date, and how many open leads are at each stage of the funnel.


There you have it! With the Sheetgo Lead tracker template, you can manage all your sales leads and track results in a dashboard.

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