Top 5 PDF generator tools in 2024

Although the PDF is a humble file that’s often overlooked in document formatting, it remains the most-used file type for sharing. Not only are PDFs universally compatible, but they also can compress huge files. This makes it the go-to solution for sending data. A PDF generator is, therefore, a great tool to implement in your business operations. It allows you to transfer your data or content directly into a PDF template, ready to share the final product with recipients.

As many of us send PDFs within and outside of organizations on a daily basis, we can use the tool for a variety of purposes. For example, your sales department can use it to create invoices for clients. On the other hand, your marketing department can turn the quarterly report on KPIs into a PDF ready to share across the whole company. All you have to do is have your data or content prepared!

Now that we understand what a PDF generator tool is and how it can be used across your organization, let’s take a look at our top 5 best PDF generator tools that you can implement into your operations in 2024!

Why use a PDF generator tool?

A PDF generator tool acts as an all-in-one solution for file sharing. Its compatibility with so many different files makes it a perfect tool to implement across all departments and projects within your organization.

Usually, a PDF generator can convert various files, including word documents and spreadsheets, into PDF. What’s more, some PDF generator tools can help to streamline your operations by automating the entire generation process. There’s no need to transfer your content to the PDF manually– the tool will do it all for you.

Top 5 PDF generator tools for 2024

Here are our top PDF generator tools for 2024, with a comprehensive breakdown of their key features.

1. Sheetgo

Download Sheetgo by clicking the blue button below.

And, simply sign up with your Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox account to get started.

Sheetgo automatically generates PDFs based on any source data you add. It creates an automated workflow that takes a spreadsheet full of data, transfers it to a customized template, generates it into a PDF, then sends it directly to its recipient. Sheetgo automatically carries everything out from start to finish. All you need to do is provide the source data and a template.

With Sheetgo, you can create your own fully customized document template with dynamic tabs that Sheetgo automatically replaces with your data. Each row of data in your spreadsheet will be created as a new document. Once completed, Sheetgo then turns the document into a PDF and allows you to automate the sharing process via its Gmail integration.

Therefore, not only do you receive an entirely automated process that streamlines your operations completely, but you also have no restrictions in the format of your PDF, you can create any document template from invoices to contracts.

Explore our step-by-step on how to use the Sheetgo PDF generator to learn more about each feature and how to install it.

PDF generator 1 Sheetgo
Get the PDF generator here: Sheetgo PDF generator

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro

As the original creator of the PDF, it’s no wonder that Adobe’s PDF tool offers everything you need to convert, edit and share PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat Pro allows users to convert everything from word documents and spreadsheets to HTML and JPEGs, all into a PDF format. Its range of editing features allows you to customize the final product before sharing it with others. Adobe also includes a neat signature feature, perfect for PDF legal documents and forms.

However, as an Adobe product, this tool comes at an expensive price and requires a lot of manual input.

PDF generator 2. Adobe Acrobat Pro
Get the PDF generator here: Adobe Acrobat Pro

3. Kofax Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF is considered the leading direct competitor to Adobe Acrobat Pro thanks to its similar features at a fraction of the cost.

The Power PDF tool also allows you to convert, edit and share PDFs, with the same e-sign additional feature. Its Office-style interface makes it extremely easy to use, and it requires just a one-off payment. Although it’s a great one-off investment that provides Adobe-level features, users must still carry out the process manually.

PDF generator 3 Kofax Power PDF
Purchase the PDF converter software here: Kofax Power PDF

4. PDF Generator API

This PDF tool is designed to integrate into your current software. Design a document template on the tool, then the tool uses REST API to merge your data with the template to create custom PDFs.

PDF Generator API also offers a simple drag-and-drop editor feature that makes the PDF editing experience feel seamless. Unlike many PDF generator tools, this one partly automates the data transfer process for you.

However, this innovative tool comes at a dear price, costing $699 per month to use the tool with the additional editor feature access.

PDF generator 4 PDF Generator API
Get the PDF generator here: PDF Generator API

5. Form Swift

Looking to find a PDF generation tool that focuses more on legal documents? Form Swift may be the solution for you. Transfer your content into one of the 500+ templates available to use, all relating to legal and tax documentation.

Form Swift also offers PDF editing features for important legal aspects such as signatures and disclaimers. What’s more, this tool is completely free, perfect for individuals, startups, or SMEs.

However, this tool lacks the features that the other tools include, including conversion capabilities and automated data transfer – you must create everything within the tool itself.

PDF generator 5 Form Swift
Get the PDF generator here: Form Swift

Automatic PDF generation

And there you have it! PDF generator tools are a fantastic way to streamline your PDF generation processes across all of your departments.

Sheetgo’s PDF generation feature not only allows you to create customized PDFs from your own document templates but also automates the entire workflow. This includes the data transfer to your template and sharing the final PDF product with its intended recipient.

If you’d like to find out more about the top tools Sheetgo recommends to optimize your business, take a look at our related blog posts below!

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