Top 5 PDF converter tools for 2024

When sending important pieces of data to others, the PDF is often the most recommended format for your files. Although it’s usually overlooked as an ‘older’, more humble format, much like the spreadsheet, it’s still one of the most essential tools used by businesses. The PDF format is universally compatible, easily editable, secure via password-protection and encryption. And on top of that offers users complete control and visibility of any changes made. This is why PDF converters are such a popular tool in everyday business operations.

There are many uses for PDF converter tools. They are a great solution for quickly converting data into a file type that is sharable. Whilst maintaining full protection. For example, send your employees their payslip with a password-protection; or share your department’s quarterly KPIs as a report. Whether you’re working on a spreadsheet, word document, image files, etc., they can all be converted to a PDF in just a few clicks of a button!

Now that we know what a PDF converter tool can do for your daily tasks and objectives, let’s check out the top 5 PDF converter tools you don’t want to miss in 2024!

What are the advantages of using a PDF converter tool?

A PDF converter tool is an all-in-one solution that allows you to turn a wide range of file types into PDF. What’s more, these conversion tools often work in both directions – you can turn any file type into a PDF, and vice versa. Often, PDF converters will offer advanced editing features, such as e-signature or adding watermarks. Choose the right PDF converter based on what your files need.

Automatic PDF converter tools are becoming increasingly sought after within daily business operations. They allow users to automate the entire conversion process from start to finish. Which saves you lots of precious time and manual effort that you can use to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Now that we know what a PDF converter can offer you, let’s take a look at the top 5 for this year.

Top 5 PDF converter tools for 2024

1. Sheetgo

Sheetgo automates the entire PDF conversion process from start to finish. You can create multiple PDFs containing specific data in just a few clicks of a button – all you need is a spreadsheet containing your data and your document template.

Through a simple automated workflow, Sheetgo creates a new PDF for each row of your spreadsheet, by transferring the data to your document template and converting this to PDF. What’s more, Sheetgo will also send the PDF to its recipient automatically using Gmail. It even recognizes the email addresses directly from your source data.

You can create any type of template you need, from performance reports to invoices. With Sheetgo, there are no restrictions in converting to PDF format. Streamlining entire business operations has never been easier. Find out more about how the PDF conversion feature in the Sheetgo web app works in our article on How to convert documents into PDF.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of the Sheetgo web app for PDF conversion:

  • Automated workflows: Sheetgo creates workflows that automate your process entirely – simply add your files to the workflow, and let Sheetgo do the rest!
  • Extract dynamic data from source data: Sheetgo recognizes the data from your spreadsheets and adds it to your template for you. A PDF will be generated for each row of your data.
  • Customize your templates: You can create your own custom template to turn into a PDF – there are no restrictions! Then, Sheetgo will add dynamic data to the template using smart tags.
    Gmail integration: Your newly generated PDFs will be sent to their recipients automatically, taking automation to the next level.
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Get the PDF converter here: Sheetgo PDF converter

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Which other than the original PDF creator to rank second? Adobe Acrobat DC offers everything you need to convert, edit and share PDFs. Whether you opt for the Standard or Pro plan, Adobe Acrobat will let you convert almost any file format into PDF. The newest version includes multiple-page editing and a layout mode that automatically adjusts content to fix overlaps.

One of the most useful features continues to be the e-signature, highly useful for the legal domain. The downside? There are still compatibility issues that lead to faulty editing, and there is room for improvement with pricing options.

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Get the PDF converter here: Adobe Acrobat Pro

3. Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is the perfect PDF converter tool for individuals or knowledge worker teams who want to create, edit, secure, and share documents in PDF. A highly intuitive interface that competes head-to-head with Adobe Acrobat DC on an extensive range of features. Including e-signature and creation of workflows across desktop, mobile, and cloud environments.

However, to get the most out of this tool, you would need to purchase the Pro version, which is only supported on Windows. To work on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, you can only download the Standard version.

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Get the PDF converter here: Foxit PDF Editor

4. Nitro PDF Productivity Platform

The Nitro PDF Productivity platform combines both of their most acclaimed products, Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign Essentials, for Windows and Mac. Besides advanced PDF editing and conversion possibilities from various file types, it offers unlimited e-signing solutions. These are accessible from any browser and device – perfect for those who work with contracts or other signed documents in their day-to-day operations.

The only limitation may appear when working with heavier PDFs, which makes the platform run slower. Thankfully, it also offers great customer support and a user-friendly interface overall.

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Get the PDF converter here: Nitro PDF Productivity

5. PDFelement

PDFelement offers solutions for all Operating Systems (OS), devices, and environments (local or cloud). A simple interface that allows single or multiple conversion from the main file formats into PDF, and vice versa. It also allows for more powerful conversions, such as ePub, RTF, HTML, or Mac Pages.

However, even the most basic features such as creating, editing, converting, or signing come at a large price. The Pro version, which offers the competitor’s advanced features, is only available for macOS.

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Get the PDF converter here: PDFelement

Best PDF converter platform for 2024

And there you have it! PDF converter tools have become a go-to solution for streamlining productivity tasks for big and small companies. Sheetgo presents itself as the best cost-effective PDF converter platform. Why? Its PDF conversion allows you to customize PDFs based on your own templates while automating the complete workflow process, including sending the final document to its intended recipient via the Gmail integration feature.

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