The 5 best mass email software in 2024

Almost every business or organization uses mass emailing. Sending mass emails becomes a lot more of a manageable and streamlined process when you invest in good mass email software. Whether you’re using it to improve your marketing operations, or simply to streamline your internal communications within your organization, there are mass emailing solutions available to help you. That’s why, in this article, we share our top 5 best mass email software solutions in 2024 that can help fulfill your emailing objectives!

What is mass email software?

Mass emailing software – also known as bulk emailing software – allows you to send a huge quantity of emails to a list of recipients at once.

There are many different instances where you would use mass emailing software. For example, some businesses may use it for marketing purposes, to send out their monthly newsletter or latest promotion. On the other hand, organizations such as high schools or colleges may use it for general communication or applications. Because there are a variety of different objectives for mass emailing, different mass emailing software will have specific features which will help to optimize your process.

Why use bulk email software?

Apart from the main benefit of bulk email software – to maximize the number of mass emails you send out to recipients – there are a lot more benefits thanks to the various features bulk emailing software now includes within their service.

Here are just a few of the additional benefits you can expect from mass emailing software:

  • Streamlined email drafting process: A lot of mass emailing software will offer various email templates with easy-to-use editing features to help optimize your editing process.
  • In-depth insights on recipient actions: These tools offer dashboards to deliver the latest metrics on delivery rates, open rates, click rates, etc. These are particularly helpful for mass marketing emails.
  • Plan ahead with email scheduling: Many software solutions will offer an email scheduling feature to maximize your productivity and efficiency.
  • Personalize your emails: Some mass emailing software gives you the opportunity to customize your email content for every individual recipient. This is a great benefit to have to help increase your metrics, or simply to show your customers that you care. Check out our blog post on how to send personalized mass emails to find out more!

Now that we understand what bulk email software is and how it can benefit your business operations, let’s delve into the top 5 best mass email software available in 2024.

The 5 best mass email software in 2024

1. Sheetgo

Within the Sheetgo web app, you have the opportunity to send our mass personalized emails for an unlimited number of recipients. Sheetgo creates a fully automated workflow not only streamlines the entire emailing process, but takes care of everything, no matter what type of emails you’re mass sending.

Simply create a spreadsheet full of your recipient’s dynamic data, use the easy email template with drag-and-drop features to create your email draft content, and let Sheetgo automatically transfer the dynamic data into your email draft and send customized emails to your recipients.

Not only does Sheetgo have a personalization feature, but it’s one of the few tools available that offers an unlimited number of email deliveries. What’s more, Sheetgo’s monthly pricing beats other software that offer the same features!

mass email software 1 Sheetgo

Inside the Sheetgo web application, click on +New workflow and Connect files to create your emailing system.

Simply select a Google Sheets as your source file and continue to move to the ‘Share’ step. Here, select Email to either Share files and access links, or Add files as attachments.

Get the email software by clicking the blue button below.

And, simply sign up with your Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox account to get started.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great option for smaller businesses looking for a more affordable tool to handle marketing-related mass emails.

With a simple drag and drop template feature, build your optimized emails ready for Constant Contact to send to your mailing list.

This software also offers intelligent features to help increase your conversion rates, such as resending emails to non-openers, and email scheduling.

mass email software 2 Consant Contact
Get the email software here: Constant Contact

3. Hubspot

Are you a larger company looking for a scalable marketing email automation tool? If so, Hubspot may be the software for you. Hubspot has an all-in-one marketing hub dedicated to mass mailing automation and other marketing services.

With customizable email templates and CRM integration included, Hubspot can create and support entire marketing campaigns from start to finish.

However, this one-stop marketing hub does come at a dear price when it comes to their subscription packages, which also have serious limitations on the number of emails you can send per month.

mass email software 3. Hubspot

Get the email software here: Hubspot

4. MailerSend

MailerSend offers mass mailing capabilities for a wide range of mailing objectives including invoices, delivery updates and sign-in links. With a simple drag and drop template feature, you can build an advanced email from scratch, including images, buttons and products.

Furthermore, MailerSend has an API integration feature so you can track all of your emails. With real-time metrics, you can monitor your mailing list and use these insights to improve future deliveries. Overall, MailerSend is a great option for businesses looking for highly customizable email templates.

mass email software 4 MailerSend

Get the email software here: MailerSend

5. Postmark

Looking for mass email software that focuses on transactional emails? Postmark is a fantastic transactional bulk email tool that allows you to create, plan and schedule emails based on user actions. Postmark offers 45 days of metric insights after the email has been sent, so you can effectively track open rates etc.

What’s more Postmark has a email reply monitoring system so you can receive and manage responses from your customers.

Their affordable range of subscriptions mean that they are a viable choice for both small and large businesses, starting at 10,000 emails for just $10 per month.

mass email software 5 Postmark
Get the email software here: Postmark

Sending mass emails

These are our top 5 mass emailing software for 2024!

Looking for the best all-round mass emailing software? Then Sheetgo might be the tool for you. From its easy-to-use personalization features, automatic workflows that do the job for you, and unlimited emails no matter what your subscription is, it’s a no-brainer.

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