3 Life-saving Google Sheets Tips! Plus how to improve sheets with Sheetgo

In this article we will cover 3 Google Sheets tips that everybody should know. These simple tips are great ways to enhance how you and your team work with spreadsheets.

Google Sheets has a lot of features; it’s difficult to know which one to pick up next. If you are feeling lost in your spreadsheet journey, these tips should point you in the right direction.

We will also explore the Sheetgo add-on which can help you connect spreadsheets and automate your operation.

3 Google Sheets tips and tricks

Paint format Google Sheets

This feature lets you copy the format from one cell to another. Just select a cell with a desired format, click the paint format icon, then select another cell to paste the format. Simple, effective and quick. No need to edit the format manually and potentially tinker with multiple options for the desired result.

Paint format even works with cell ranges in two basic ways:

  • You can select a cell range and apply it to a different cell range.
  • You can select a single cell and then apply it to a cell range.

This is a complete life saver and greatly helps you create good looking spreadsheets. It is even available in Google Docs although it works a little differently.

Filter views Google Sheets

A filter view in Google Sheets allows you to filter data without affecting what others see. This enables several users to view and manipulate data in different ways at the same time. To create a new filter go to Data > Filter views > Create new filter view.

Ever thought a spreadsheet was missing data only to find out a filter was hiding it? This happens often when several people work on the same file. Somebody goes in, applies a filter and leaves it there. That’s where filter views come in, you can create them easily and only filter out data for yourself.

If anybody opens the spreadsheet they will get to see everything. That is particularly good if two or more people are working on a sheet at the same time. Everybody will all be able to filter out data without getting in the way of each other.

What’s even better is that you can save these filter views and revisit them later. If you find yourself setting the same filters over and over, save them in a filter view. They’ll always be just a click away.

For an in-depth look at this great feature check out How to filter Google Sheets without affecting other users.

Google sheets add-ons

Consider looking for an add-on if you are having trouble trying to do something on Google Sheets. These will bring added functionality to your worksheets and will make your life easier.

All you have to do is head over to Extensions > Add-ons > Manage Add-ons to access the Google Workspace Marketplace. Once there you will find tools to eliminate duplicates, add AI to your sheets and create designs right on your spreadsheet.

For a list of add-ons we think are great, consider reading Top 10 Google Sheets add-ons for improving workflow efficiency.

Sheetgo add-on

Connect spreadsheets and transfer data, create PDFs and send emails. This add-on lets you automate your work processes and makes repetitive tasks a thing of the past. And all of this without ever leaving the comfort of your existing spreadsheets.

To install this add-on simply head over to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search for Sheetgo. Also you can find it over in the Recommended for Google Workspace section.

We will go into some of its main features and how they could benefit your projects.

Connect spreadsheets

With the Sheetgo add-on you can transfer data between different sources, you can even transform this data in the process. There are several ways in which this could prove useful:

  • To disperse data across your team with minimal effort. You can keep a single file up to date and feed several other files with that information.
  • To deliver the right information at the right time. Set up data processors to filter, split or merge data to craft customized datasets. Schedule automatic triggers to run connections.
  • To send emails and create PDFs automatically. Minimize these chores and never forget to reach out to stakeholders.

But the benefits don’t stop there. You can also keep source formatting in a target spreadsheet and combine data with the left join feature. Also, the input data is not limited to spreadsheets, you can also work with CSV files, BigQuery and API Requests.

As we will explore next, connections are the building blocks of process automation.

Automate entire processes

The Sheetgo add-on isn’t just about enhancing spreadsheet functionality; it’s about revolutionizing your workflow by automating entire processes. Starting with simple data transfers between spreadsheets, Sheetgo transforms manual tasks into automated workflows.

Imagine setting up automatic triggers to run connections, ensuring timely delivery of the right information. This automation extends to sending emails and creating PDFs, drastically reducing the manual work involved and ensuring consistency and accuracy in your communications.

With Sheetgo, the focus shifts from tedious task management to strategic oversight, empowering you to make informed decisions with ease.

Connect everything and automate entire business processes


Exploring these three life-saving Google Sheets tips, from paint formatting to filter views and the exploration of add-ons, led us to the ultimate enhancement: the Sheetgo add-on.

With tools like Sheetgo, you’re not just improving your spreadsheets; you’re redefining what’s possible in data management and collaboration. Embrace the power of automation and let Sheetgo transform your approach to spreadsheets.

Take the first step towards unlocking your spreadsheets’ full potential, try Sheetgo today.

Ready to streamline your spreadsheet data?

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