Sheetgo shortlisted as a “Recommended for Google Workspace” app

We are so excited to announce that Google has shortlisted Sheetgo as one of the 12 “Recommended for Google Workspace apps for 2022!

Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) is Google’s own selection of powerful productivity and collaboration tools. Millions of businesses use these as an integral part of their everyday operations. The Workspace Marketplace is Google’s online store. It lists business-orientated applications that integrate with the Workspace tools to optimize their functionality. These applications mainly provide CRM, project management, and admin solutions.

The “Recommended for Google Workspace” program is one of Google’s highly curated categories. It features apps that pass rigorous assessments to become secure and reliable tools, besides being well-integrated with Google Workspace products.

After thorough security assessment and testing, Sheetgo is one of the only 12 apps selected for the “Recommended for Google Workspace” program! Together with Google, Sheetgo is excited to continue to help users automate entire business processes with the tools they already know. All in order to save hours of work and focus on what really matters.

Why Sheetgo was shortlisted for the “Recommended for Google Workspace” label

Since its beginning in 2017, Sheetgo continues to have a long-term relationship with Google. Sheetgo once began by connecting Google Sheets files to automate data management. Now, Sheetgo has evolved to integrate with Google’s other tools, including Google Docs and Gmail.

Sheetgo presently has more than 3.5 million installs on Google Workspace Marketplace. With an average 4.2 rating, users have made it very clear how Sheetgo has transformed the way they work with no-fuss automations.

“Sheetgo for us could be our 1-stop product, replacing not only much more expensive Saas products but also leveraging the power of Google Drive and Google Sheets in the back end to show me and the team just one UX to manage events, Sheetgo”
Pete Sofo

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As part of this program, Sheetgo undertook rigorous security and liability testing to be eligible for this label. This included an extensive product review, as well as an analysis of Google integration abilities.

What’s more, Sheetgo undertook a Security Assessment designed to support Google’s product risk management requirements for Workspace integrations. The assessment objective was to assess the app using the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) version of the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) and include black-box testable requirements. In addition, the assessment combined automated analysis with manual penetration testing to locate weaknesses.

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How Sheetgo and Google work together

As mentioned previously, Sheetgo integrates with almost all of Google’s Workspace tools to automate business processes. Furthermore, these integrations optimize communication and collaboration, and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Here’s exactly how Sheetgo integrates with Google’s tools in the add-on:

  • Connect Google Sheets files: Connect Google Sheets files together to automate data transfer.
  • Merge Google Sheets files: Merge multiple Google Sheets files into one single file. Or, merge multiple Google Sheets file tabs into one single tab.
  • Split Google Sheets files: Split a single Google Sheets file into multiple files. Or, split a Google Sheets file tab into multiple tabs in the same file.
  • Generate Google Docs: Turn your Google Sheets data into personalized Google Docs by transferring dynamic data to your Google Docs template.
  • Convert to PDF: Turn any Google Sheets file or Google Docs into a PDF for easy sharing.
  • Share via Gmail: Send your Google Sheets files or Google Docs as attachments or access links via Gmail.
  • Create a mail merge with Gmail: Send bulk emails with personalized messages via Gmail. Automatically send to recipients using their email addresses within your Google Sheets file.

With these intelligent integrations, you can automate entire processes from start to finish – all whilst starting with a Google Sheets file!

You can find a complete list of functionalities in the Sheetgo add-on for Google Workspace Marketplace listing.

Sheetgo shortlisted as "Recommended for Google Workspace" app

Google Workspace Marketplace – Sheetgo

At Sheetgo, we are so honored to have the “Recommended for Google Workspace” label as part of our Marketplace listing. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Google. We cannot wait to continue integrating with its innovative tools to help users automate their work and simplify their life.

Please take a look at our listing in the Recommended for Google Workspace category, along with the rest of the shortlisters!

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