Sheetgo acquires Layer, expanding spreadsheet automation technology for businesses.

Madrid, Spain, August 1st, 9 am (CET) – Sheetgo, the spreadsheet automation platform, has just announced its acquisition of Layer. This investment will contribute to the expansion of its automation capabilities and provide a more robust toolset, allowing customers to streamline and optimize more business processes using everyday office tools.

As of Thursday, July 20th, 2023, Sheetgo owns the technology and marketing assets of Layer. The Layer add-on will be discontinued from August 15th and integrated into the Sheetgo platform over the coming months. Layer executives will join the Sheetgo team as advisors to share their expertise. The acquisition of Layer represents a game-changing step for Sheetgo as it accelerates its roadmap by purchasing its first business. 

“This move marks a milestone for Sheetgo, as we expand our market presence, enhance our core product, and open new possibilities for our business customers,” says Sheetgo CEO Yannick L. Rault van der Vaart. “With such strategic investments, we are carefully building a smart, efficient, and cost-effective platform that allows our customers to connect to data, automate business processes, and even take advantage of new AI tools, all without leaving their spreadsheet and everyday workspace tools behind.”

Sheetgo will offer an improved product and customer experience to its users, bringing the best of Layer and Sheetgo into an all-in-one spreadsheet solution. The advantages of this acquisition include enhanced core product offering which will include granular sharing, two-way sync, and gatekeeping of data. These additions will offer users greater control over data governance, collaboration within their teams and significant spreadsheet knowledge in order to better meet their evolving needs.

This acquisition will make these complementary technologies more prevalent across industries. Moritz ten Eikelder, co-founder and managing director of Layer, is confident spreadsheets are here to stay, “The pain points addressed are as relevant as ever. This is why we are super happy that the idea behind Layer will continue to exist in a new home and that the features we have built will continue to serve Finance users across the globe.” 

What will this mean for both Layer and Sheetgo users? Layer users will be supported by the Sheetgo team to transition to the platform, with access to interim solutions to accommodate their previous activities. Layer’s features will be integrated as core features within Sheetgo, providing a continuous but enhanced experience that introduces them to the powerful combination of the two technologies.

Sheetgo users, on the other hand, can look forward to exciting new features with better governance control and expanded collaboration options. 

With a focus on continued growth and investment in R&D, Sheetgo aims to deliver unparalleled automation capabilities that optimize user experience and affordability, promising the ultimate goal of “work made simple”.

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About Sheetgo 

Since 2016, Sheetgo has been dedicated to building a platform that empowers users to create spreadsheet-based solutions and automate business processes. The company’s mission is to simplify work and enable users to focus on what truly matters. With a team with decades of experience, Sheetgo has become a go-to automation platform for spreadsheet users. Sheetgo has amassed over 4 million installs on Google Workspace, and has been announced as one of only a dozen “Recommended for Google Workspace app” for 2 years running, from over 5,200 apps. 

About Layer 

Layer, founded in 2019, emerged as a notable player in the finance industry, with a Google Sheets and Excel add-on designed to cater to the unique needs of CFOs and Finance managers. With a vision to develop a ‘GitHub for spreadsheets’, the company secured $6.7 million in total funding from investors such as Index Ventures, which allow finance professionals to maintain their processes within spreadsheets while benefiting from seamless collaboration with their teams. 

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