The project manager has a difficult task of managing several projects at once. This because each project is different. Per project, many different collaborators complete many different tasks at once. On top of that, the manager has to outline each project perfectly with an ultimate deadline and make sure this deadline is met in time. This is why Sheetgo created a Project management template that solves all of the above issues. On top of that, it calculates dependencies between tasks. Because sometimes, it is not necessary to wait to start with another task before the previous one is finished.

Project Management Template Master Sheet Icons

How the system works

This template is designed to automate project management. Firstly, it automates the reception of project information for your team but above all, it automates the monitoring of your team’s progress. The master spreadsheet connects to the individual task report status spreadsheets (“Joe”, “Stephanie”, and “Emanuel”). The project manager fills out the different projects, their owners, and deadlines. The employees then fill out their individual progress. After that, the system automatically creates a Gantt to easily track the team’s performance.

Let’s get you started

Step 1. Install the template

Login using your Google account. After authorizing, Sheetgo creates your account simultaneously. Once you are inside the Sheetgo Web Application, click on ‘Use template’ and install the Project management system.


Sheetgo Project Management Template Overview

Step 2. Open all spreadsheets

Click on the spreadsheet and folder icons and open both the master spreadsheet “Project management” and the “Collaborators” folder. The latter contains 3 different spreadsheets (respectively Joe, Stephanie, and Emanuel) as an example for 3 employees working on projects. Inside your Google Drive, you find the entire system in the “Sheetgo templates” folder.


Network Illustration of Project Management Template Workflow

Step 3. Fill out the information

Inside the master spreadsheet, you find instructions on how to use the template. As a project manager, first, fill out the different projects and to whom you assign them to in the “WBS” tab. As a result, your employees receive the projects inside their individual spreadsheets. It only requires them to fill out their individual task status report by registering the % of completion for each project.


Task Sheet in Google Sheets

Step 4. Configure your template

The next step is to update the connections between the individual task status report sheets and the master sheet. Go back to the Sheetgo Web Application and click on the play button ‘Run workflow’. This automatically brings the employees’ performance status into the master spreadsheet. Inside your master spreadsheet, the “Gantt” tab shows an overview of the structure of your project and its progress.


Project Management Template Dashboard in Google Sheets

You are all set! 🙂

You successfully configured your Project management template in Google Sheets. Enjoy!

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