10 Top free marketing tools for Google Sheets

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Written by Laura Tennyson

Dec 18, 2019

Top free marketing tools for Google Sheets

Marketing can be an expensive business. There’s a host of comprehensive CRM systems and specialist marketing software out there. Once your company reaches a certain size, it’s definitely worth investing in a big integrated platform like Zoho, Hubspot or Marketo. But if you’re a solo entrepreneur or a small startup, there’s no need to max out your marketing budget on expensive software that you don’t really need. Even if you do use one of the big marketing software platforms in your company, it’s likely that you still use something else too: spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are a versatile and indispensable tool for collecting, processing and presenting your marketing data. Here we’ve pulled together 10 of the top free marketing tools to help you do that, in combination with Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is becoming really popular for marketing, and for good reason. It’s free, accessible from anywhere, updates in real-time and offers powerful collaboration functions, so you can work on sheets in tandem with colleagues. Google Sheets doesn’t yet have the power and advanced functionality of Excel. But when you combine Sheets with an add-on or a template, you can turn a simple spreadsheet into a really versatile part of your marketing toolkit. You can merge data, create automated reports and coordinate your campaigns — without spending anything.

Take a look at our 10 top free marketing tools:

1. Google Analytics

When it comes to marketing, the key companion to Google Sheets has to be Google Analytics. You probably already use Google Analytics to keep an eye on your traffic and demographics, but if you pull that data into Google Sheets, you can do even more with it. You can filter data into your spreadsheet, create custom dashboards and data reviews, schedule automated reports and control who sees what using Google’s sharing permissions. Just install the free Google Analytics add-on for Google Sheets. If you need help getting to grips with the add-on, we’ve got a step-by-step guide here.

2. Mailmeteor

If you have a small business and you’re looking for a free mail merge solution, try Mailmeteor. Compile your contact database in Google Sheets, use one of Mailmeteor’s email templates, preview the email. And, eventually, send up to 100 personalized emails per day from Gmail. When your business expands and you need to send larger email campaigns, upgrade to a paid plan. Install the add-on for Google Sheets.

3. Sheetgo

Sheetgo is a tool for automating data transfer between spreadsheets, and you can use it to create your own custom marketing workflow. Monitor different marketing channels, events or databases in individual spreadsheets, and then transfer the data you want to centralized mastersheets to generate reports and dashboards. The free version allows you to create 5 connections in G Sheets (and you can merge up to 3 sheets per connection). If you want to create more connections or automate your entire workflow with scheduled updates, upgrade to a paid plan. Sheetgo also offers a free Marketing KPI template in Google Sheets.

4. Sheets for Marketers

This one’s not a specific tool, but an incredibly useful collection of 100+ ready-to-use marketing templates for Google Sheets. Rather than working with a blank canvas, it’s much quicker and easier to turn Google Sheets into an effective (and/or automated) marketing system if you start with a template. And as long as you’re familiar with formulas, you can customize it to suit your needs. Sheets for Marketers is a one-stop shop for all Google Sheets marketing templates, for everything from Link Building to Keyword Research.

5. Hunter

Hunter is an awesome lead generation tool. Anybody in marketing knows how important having the right contacts is. Hunter allows you to quickly and easily pull the names and emails of specific people in a business or organization, simply from the company’s website. There’s a free Chrome extension (just click on it when you’re browsing, and Hunter will display the email addresses associated with that domain). The Google Sheets add-on goes a step further, organizing this information efficiently in a spreadsheet with professional titles, full names, emails, and social network information. It will also tell you how the information was sourced and give you a confidence score, indicating how reliable the data is. The free plan gives you 50 free searches per month. 

6. Tweet Archiver

Use Tweet Archiver (previously named Twitter Archiver) to collect and save tweets about your brand, your competitors, conferences or industry news, and trends. You can search for certain keywords, hashtags or certain geo-tagged tweets and this tool automatically saves them to a Google Sheet. Having access to this kind of information is great for analyzing trends or brand sentiment. The add-on is free to install. And the free version allows you to apply a single search term from one Google account; upgrade for more advanced searching options.

7. MeaningCloud

After you have collected and archived tweets using Tweet Archiver, you can analyze the text using a text analytics tool such as MeaningcloudThis software uses Natural Language Processing technology to identify the meaning of unstructured content, such as social media content, forums, and surveys. It also extracts mentions of people, companies or brands and detects positive, neutral, or negative sentiment. So you can use this to gauge responses to certain campaigns, or your overall brand. The MeaningCloud add-on for Google Sheets lets you embed text analytics functionality directly in your spreadsheets. The free plan allows you to make up to 20,000 requests per month.

8. Analytics Canvas

Analytics Canvas is one of the most popular platforms for working with Google Analytics data, allowing you to visualize your data in a graphical interface. The advanced desktop software is only available with a paid plan, but Analytics Canvas also offers a more basic free add-on for Google Sheets It obviously doesn’t have all the features for creating complex reports. But it allows you to easily import data from Analytics into Sheets, eliminate copy-pasting, edit queries directly in your spreadsheet and build and share beautiful dashboards to visually represent your data. Savvy marketers can create impressive reports with beautiful graphs and reports. The add-on is intuitive and easy to use for creating queries.

9. Search Analytics for Sheets

This is an incredibly helpful free add-on for anyone working with Google Search Console, enabling you to get much more out of your data. It enables you to retrieve data and work with it directly in Google Sheets. Filter data by query, page, country and device; get data on clicks, impressions, CTR and position and get information about rankings, queries, landing pages and more. There’s also detailed information and support available from the Search Analytics for Sheets website.

10. Supermetrics

When it comes to online marketing, Supermetrics is one of the leading automation and reporting tools. It offers a range of powerful integrations. Although most of them are paid features, there are a couple of Supermetrics products you can use for free to boost your marketing with Google Sheets. In the Google Sheets template gallery, you will find a Supermetrics website traffic report template and a traffic dashboard. Full use of the Supermetrics add-on isn’t cheap, but if you only want to retrieve data from Google Analytics, and you are happy to carry out manual updates, you can use a limited version of the add-on for free, as a “Hobby” user.

So that’s our recommendations for the top free marketing tools to use with Google Sheets. Looking for other ways to use Google Sheets for marketing? If you’re interested in automation, check out our post on how to transfer data between Google Sheets automatically. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Browse our range of articles for marketers working with G Sheets here.

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