Top 10 Google Sheets add-ons for inventory

Google Sheets is a staple for many companies when it comes to inventory management. Not only can you track your inventory, but you can also log any imports or exports, and even list all of your products and supplies.

However, using add-ons in conjunction with Google Sheets allows companies to be even more efficient with their inventory updates. Companies that have a Google account can use any add-ons alongside their Google Sheets inventory in order to speed up management processes and create a more customized and streamlined experience.

Let’s take a look at how add-ons can supercharge your inventory management processes and which add-ons are best for your company!

Why you should use add-ons for inventory management

There are numerous add-ons available for companies to use alongside their inventory on Google Sheets. Each of these have specific features to optimize your inventory management.

Here are some of the main advantages of add-ons for inventory:

  • Inexpensive: Google Sheets is an extremely inexpensive way to manage your inventory. Furthermore, add-ons are available to all Google accounts and usually incur no extra cost.
  • Customizable: Many add-ons allow you to customize their product to be the most effective for your business and its objectives.
  • Shareable: As a part of Google Workspace, these add-ons will be available for all individuals within your organization. With automatic updates through Google Sheets, your management processes will be available to all of your team in real-time.

How to use add-ons for inventory in Google Sheets

In order to use add-ons for inventory management, follow these steps:

  1. Open a spreadsheet on Google Sheets.
  2. Click the Add-ons button in the navigation menu.
  3. Select the Get add-ons option in the menu.
  4. A window will pop up for you to browse your desired add-ons.
  5. When you have found the add-on you want to use, click the Install button to install the add-on into your Google Sheets.

Alternatively, if you would like to install the add-ons we have listed in this article, you can click on the link we have provided, which will take you to the Google Workspace page. Here, you can click the Install button, and the add-on will be connected to your Google Sheets account.

Let’s take a look at our top 10 Google Sheets add-ons for inventory!

1. Sheetgo

Sheetgo streamlines operations by allowing spreadsheets to talk to each other. This tool is able to make different spreadsheets connect and merge with each other in order to organize and aggregate inventory data.

With Sheetgo, departments within the company are able to maintain effective communication with each other, thus avoiding any lapses between sales and purchasing.

Get the add-on here: Sheetgo

add-ons for inventory 1. Sheetgo

2. Scan-IT to Office

Barcode scanners are a popular modern tool to optimize inventory data management. This app and add-on combination allows companies to gather inventory data from all over the world in just one location, with real-time updates. Employees simply use phones and other mobile devices to scan barcodes, which can then be added remotely and automatically to the spreadsheet too.

Get the add-on here: Scan-IT to Office
add-ons for inventory 2. ScanIT

3. Simplifai

Simplifai brings the power of AI to inventory management to automate processes and make predictions.

This add-on uses artificial intelligence to analyze and manage data by making predictions on inventory and purchasing trends. What’s more, this helps to make your logistics more efficient.

Get the add-on here: Simplifai
add-ons for inventory 3. Simplifai

4. AppSheet

The AppSheet add-on allows companies to create a customized inventory app using spreadsheets. No need for code, this intelligent app creator can be customized to collect different inputs including photos, signatures, GPS location, and scanned barcodes.

The app is free to build with a low-cost maintenance fee if you choose to run it.

Get the add-on here: AppSheet
add-ons for inventory 4. AppSheet

5. Save As Doc

Save As Doc allows companies with a large quantity of inventory data to find a more manageable way to understand their entries.

This add-on will save your Google Sheets file as a Google Doc. It is particularly great for those needing to look at a specific range or category of data. It also allows you to customize the look of your data for optimized legibility. Overall, Save As Doc is great for turning spreadsheets into reports that you can distribute to members of your team.

Get the add-on here: Save As Doc
add-ons for inventory 5. Save as Doc

6. Archive Data

The Archive Data add-on is a great way to archive historical data for a permanent digital record. You can customize this add-on to save weekly or monthly data before it gets refreshed, in order to track changes and predict future trends.

Archive Data is a great add-on to use in conjunction with Sheetgo, where you can archive data before an automatic update.

Get the add-on here: Archive Data
add-ons for inventory 6. Archive Data

7. Vertex42 Template Gallery

This add-on provides over 100 templates so you can find the best one for your company’s needs. The Vertex 42 Template Gallery has a variety of inventory templates specifically designed for Google Sheets, ready to implement for a quick start to your inventory management process.

Our article on inventory templates in Google Sheets explains everything you need to know on inventory management spreadsheets and the best templates based on your company’s needs – including our very own comprehensive, ready-to-use Sheetgo inventory management template!

Get the add-on here: Vertex42 Template Gallery
add-ons for inventory 7. Vertex47 Template Gallery

8. Walmart Product Lookup

If you are using the Walmart Marketplace as an online merchant, then the Walmart Product Lookup add-on is the perfect tool for you.

This add-on imports live data from this fast-growing marketplace, allowing you to easily access UPC codes, product information, or even analyze the performance of stock.

Get the add-on here: Walmart Product Lookup
add-ons for inventory 9. Walmart Product Lookup

9. OCL Inventory Tools

Inventory management isn’t for huge retailers and warehouses. The OCL Inventory Tool add-on is specifically designed to manage inventory processes of libraries and is compatible with numerous library organization methods such as Dewey and LC.

This add-on ultimately allows for a more streamlined solution that allows librarians to focus on their guests.

Get the add-on here: OCL Inventory Tools
add-ons for inventory 9. OCL Inventory tools

10. G-Connector for Salesforce

If you are already using Salesforce for inventory management, this add-on is for you.

The G-Connector add-on allows you to automatically pull and update data from Salesforce right into a spreadsheet. It also allows you to edit and push data back into Salesforce in bulk.

Get the add-on here: G-Connector for Salesforce
add-ons for inventory 10. G-Connector Salesforce

That’s our top 10 Google Sheets add-ons for inventory management!

Check out our other articles below for more information, tips and insights into online inventory management.

Editor’s note: This is a revised version of a previous post that has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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