Inventory with barcode scanner system in Google Sheets

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Written by Valentine Schelstraete

Mar 13, 2020

Forget expensive inventory software. There’s absolutely no need to invest time and money into a complex system to create an inventory with barcode scanner system. Instead, use the product you and your team are most familiar with: spreadsheets.

Sheetgo connects your check-in and check-out items, updates your stock levels in a dashboard, and can connect any barcode scanner to complete the automated system.

Inventory with barcode scanner

The system setup is very easy. Our inventory management template automatically manages your check-in and check-out items straight into a single dashboard.

On top of that, we can include a barcode scanner into the template. This way, you have a  fully automated and easy way to monitor stock levels in your company. Follow the steps below to easily set it up.

Step 1

Firstly, get a copy of the inventory management template here.

Once you have the spreadsheet, start using it by filling out your check-in and check-out items. The spreadsheet automatically calculates your items in stock, overstock, sold out items, and most popular items in the dashboard.

Step 2

Secondly, connect your inventory with barcode scanner. There are many tools available online that automatically update your products’ barcodes into a sheet.

Simply download a barcode scanner app on your phone to quickly scan product barcodes and upload them automatically into your inventory sheet. Use the Scan to Sheets app for example.

Step 3

Finally, adjust your inventory template from Sheetgo to update the check-in and check-out automatically based on the items you scan in and out.

Get a customized inventory with barcode scanner

If you are not that confident with formulas and want us to customize and automate your inventory management, contact us here.

What we design for you is a fully automated flow between your warehouse and your sales. Update your inventory levels in real-time. We separate the check-in and check-out spreadsheets because these are controlled by different departments in your company.

On top of that, we connect the barcode scanner app of your choice. This way, your employees use their phone to scan items in and out, and your inventory dashboard spreadsheet automatically updates.


That’s it! It’s that easy to have an inventory with barcode scanner system set up in Google Sheets. No need for expensive inventory software.

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