Inventory management for ecommerce

There are many elements that go into running a successful ecommerce business. One of these is having a completely efficient and effective inventory management system. Inventory management for ecommerce can look different for almost any business, depending on your business model, your operations, your products or even your customers. However, there’s one thing they always have in common: an automated customized solution. Having a system tailored to your specific business needs is the best way to ensure a profitable, long-term inventory management solution in ecommerce.

Without further ado, let’s explore what a customized inventory management in ecommerce could look like for your ecommerce. What’s more, let’s see how Sheetgo’s custom solution service may be the perfect fit for you.

What does automated inventory management in ecommerce look like?

Automated inventory management will take away manual input from either specific areas of your processes, or the entire operation.

So what exactly can automation look like in ecommerce inventory management? You could more accurately schedule replenishment procedures based on accurate counts by keeping track of stock levels in real time, ultimately avoiding overstock and ensuring correct product rotation . Additionally, you could automatically combine historical stock data in one place in order to forecast future needs for long-term planning, avoiding shortages in times of high demand. Or perhaps you could automate the audit of your supply chain to minimize costs and improve overall efficiency.

By automating key areas of your inventory management, you have more time to focus on amassing more data within your business to make better business decisions, and improve your customers shopping experience. After all, inventory-related issues directly affect customers, leaving them dissatisfied and unlikely to return. Having an accurate and efficient inventory management is crucial to deliver the right products on time, resulting in happy customers.

Inventory management by Sheetgo

Unlike many automation tools, Sheetgo provides customized and scalable inventory management solutions that are completely tailored to your needs. Sheetgo automates your processes by connecting your current files and tools together to create an all-in-one workflow.

With support from Sheetgo experts, you can build your own unique inventory management workflow. Sheetgo allows you to combine intelligent features and built-in tools that make your management system more streamlined and effective.

What’s more, Sheetgo makes sure that your entire workflow includes all the familiar tools you already use, such as Microsoft’s Excel, and Google’s Docs, Sheets and Gmail. Not only will you save time and money on training, but you also won’t need to adapt to built-in features to make them work for your business.

All Sheetgo solutions are also fully scalable, which you can easily adapt and edit to fit your growing business needs. All in all, the Sheetgo inventory management solution guarantees a long-term system that will prove to be the most cost-effective decision in the years to come.

Inventory management for ecommerce

Why use a Sheetgo inventory management solution?

By this point, you’ve already read about some of the benefits of automating inventory management. Now let’s have a closer look at the specific benefits of using Inventory by Sheetgo.

Save time

Sheetgo allows you to save time on almost every single aspect of inventory management. With no more need to manually input, update or manage your operations, you can potentially save up to thousands of hours each year using a single workflow. You can use this time instead to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Save money

Sheetgo is truly one of the most cost-effective solutions for your ecommerce business. Working hours cost money. However, Sheetgo can reduce these hours drastically. Thanks to Sheetgo using the tools you already know to automate your operation, there’s no need to spend money on training your staff to use new tools or processes.

Customize to your exact needs

Having a tool that lacks functionality you need is obviously a drawback. So is a tool that is cluttered with features that you don’t need. Sheetgo experts will guide you through the process to help you build exactly what you need: no more, no less. If and when those needs change, it’s easy to build onto your existing Sheetgo solution to scale up to continue meeting your business needs.

Use the tools you already know and love

Sheetgo experts build your custom solution with tools that you already know and love, like BigQuery, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Gmail. This makes it effortless for you to interact with your workflows. In addition, it is much easier to start reaping the benefits immediately, without having to learn to use new and complicated tools.

Eliminate manual data entry

Sheetgo automatically inputs and transfers inventory data between your spreadsheets, so you don’t have to. There’s no need to waste your time and effort on monotonous, laborious processes like data entry, drafting emails or creating invoices. Plus, Sheetgo’s own tools like the built-in barcode scanner allows you to further automate data entry, to guarantee accurate data in a fraction of the time.

Expand as you grow

One of the many benefits of using Sheetgo is that all solutions are flexible and scalable. This means you’ll get a dynamic, long-term solution for your business needs. As your business grows, you can easily expand your inventory management to include other areas of your business, like sales or finance.

What could my Sheetgo inventory solution look like?

The specific features of your custom solution will depend on your business requirements. However, there are some core components that facilitate inventory management and control. One of the best features of your Sheetgo solution is the ability to view and control your entire system from one place. The Workflow view provides you with a birds-eye view of the entire system, including all your tools and the files used, as well as the connections between them. You can use this view to drill down to specific items or processes in your workflows, and later incorporate new tools or files you wish to add onto your workflow as your ecommerce expends.

So, what exact areas of your inventory management could you automate with Sheetgo?

Manage inventory with built-in barcode scanner

One of the many useful features provided by Sheetgo is the built-in barcode scanner. The barcode scanner is part of the Sheetgo forms, and allows you to scan items to automatically register their status. You can access the scanner from any portable device, including mobiles and tablets, for maximum usability and flexibility.

Visualize your metrics with dashboard

Every inventory management solution comes with a comprehensive dashboard, which allows you to access key metrics at a glance. You don’t have to search through multiple spreadsheets and then calculate them yourself. Moreover, you can choose which metrics to include, such as total stock levels, out of stock items, customer review averages, total orders received, etc. Since all your data is synchronized, metrics are automatically calculated by Sheetgo and delivered in real time.

Automate emails to notify customers and suppliers

Data synchronization and integrations with Gmail and Google Docs allow you to send personalized emails to customers and suppliers at key stages of the process. For example, after an order is placed, you can choose to send an order confirmation email via Gmail. Sheetgo will extract the unique data of the purchase such as order number and customer name, in order to send a fully personalized email. The same can be done for repurchasing emails, invoices and even discount notifications.

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Best inventory management software for ecommerce

And there you have it! Automating inventory management in ecommerce can completely transform the way you work, optimizing key processes such as replenishment, stock forecasting, supply chain optimization, and improved customer relations.

Inventory by Sheetgo offers automated inventory management solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Sheetgo experts will work with you to build the custom solution using familiar tools, as well as support you once the system is up and running.

To learn more about customized inventory management solutions, visit the Supply Chain solution by Sheetgo page to begin your own custom automation project today!

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