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  Google Sheets


 Human Resources

Time to setup

 20 minutes

Introduction: What is the Candidate Recruitment Template?

The process of recruiting can be very daunting and time-consuming. This is exactly the reason why at Sheetgo, we decided to provide you with a ready-to-use Recruitment Template. Using this template, you can automate the entire process, from the registration of candidates up until their evaluation–with the simple and freely available tools Google Sheets, Gmail, and Typeform.

Advantages compared to already existing Recruitment systems:

  • Fast setup
  • Low cost
  • Based on mature online services


  • Google Account
  • Typeform PRO account (we don’t support the free version for now). If you don’t have such an account, sign up for a PRO trial to test this solution.

How does the solution work?

Briefly explained:

  1. The candidate fills in the Typeform survey (which you can embed on your site or just send a link to a candidate) that is linked to your Sheetgo Google Sheets template.
  2. The data filled in by the applicants automatically enters that spreadsheet.
  3. A score is automatically being calculated for each applicant based on their submission.
  4. You, as a recruiter, review the applications and decide whether or not to invite an applicant to a phone interview.
  5. Based on your decision, an approval or dismissal email will be send to the applicant.


Follow the steps below to set up and configure your Typeform/Google Sheets integration.

Make a copy of the Google Sheets

Click here to configure your Recruitment Template. Select ‘Make a copy’ to copy the spreadsheet and make your own version. Click on ‘Install Solution’ to configure your Recruiting Template. Wait for a couple of seconds and accept the authorization and login to your Typeform account. This will create a copy of the Typeform survey. You will have to click the link that takes you to the Form configuration so you can connect the TypeForm to your spreadsheet.

After that, connect the newly created Typeform survey with this spreadsheet by going to ‘Connect’ > ‘Google Sheets’ > ‘Existing’ and paste the URL of this spreadsheet.

After connecting your Recruitment Solution spreadsheet to the Typeform, click on ‘View‘ to open the Typeform form and submit a test application.

  Now go to the tab ‘Candidate Database’ on the spreadsheet and add a ‘=‘ sign before the formula in the cell A1.

Manage the Sheet and applications

After submitting a test application in your Typeform and adding a ‘=‘ before the formula in cell A1, the information should enter into the tab ‘Candidate Database’ (columns A-O). These columns contain information about the applicant as well as his rating score. The higher the score, the more suitable he is for the position. At this stage it is on the manager to fill in columns P-T. If you deem a candidate suitable, you can invite him/her to a phone interview by selecting ‘Yes’ in column P. This will send an automatic email to the candidate and invite him to the interview (see below section for further information regarding the email configuration). After the phone interview, if you still deem the candidate suitable for the position, you can invite him/her to an in-person interview by filling in ‘Yes’ in column Q. From this stage onward, it is up to you to manage this process using your preferred tools. Having said that, we believe that our solution can help streamline the beginning of the application process up to the point where you yourself decide how to best proceed with an application. Note: You can adjust your Typeform question labels but not their type and/or quantity, unless you know how to account for those changes inside the Google Sheet.

Email configuration

The Google Sheet comes with a specific sheet tab ‘Email Configuration’. On this tab, you can customise the messages that are being sent by the system. There are three different emails:
  • Thank you email once an applicant submits his application
  • Rejection email once you set column P to ‘No’ to not invite an applicant to a phone interview
  • Approval email once you set column P to ‘Yes’ to invite an applicant to a phone interview

A note on the evaluation score

The Google Sheet also comes with an evaluation score in column O on the sheet tab ‘Candidate Database’. This is meant to give you an objective indication of the suitability of a candidate. The score is based on four questions that are part of the Typeform survey. You are free to customise those questions but bear in mind that they should all use the same scale and be comparable to each other. The reason is, the score is calculated as the weighted average of those four questions (for more details, please see cell O2 on Candidate Database).  

Congrats! You just created your own recruitment system. Have fun with it 🙂

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