What is the Training Management System?

Have you ever spent hours checking colleagues calendars trying to find the most suitable date and time for a training all the while checking for room availability? Have you ever had to manually insert every training in a shared calendar? You can stop wasting time scheduling and coordinating trainings amongst your team by implementing a Training Management System.

The Sheetgo’s Training Management system saves managers time by creating an automated training request that centralizes all training requests in a single spreadsheet, allows managers to approve or reject, and places training sessions on a shared calendar. See below for instructions on how to install and configure.

How can I set up the Training Management system?

Follow the 5 steps below to set up your Training Management System.

Step 1. Configure your calendar

To set up the Training Management System, you can either create a new calendar (as shown below) or simply get the data from an already existing calendar.


Note: If you are not the owner of the calendar in which the events will be created, you will have to have all the appropriate admin permissions. These settings can be changed by clicking on ‘Settings and sharing‘ of the calendar.


In the ‘Access permissions‘ area, adjust the settings and share the calendar with the right people. Make sure that every person eligible for these training sessions, can ‘Make changes and manage sharing‘.


You will find the ID and URL from your calendar under ‘integrate calendar‘. In the next step, simply copy this information into the appropriate fields on the spreadsheet.


Step 2. Configure the template

By clicking this link and creating a copy of the “Training Management” spreadsheet, the template is ready for you to use it. Follow the instructions and fill out the empty fields on the first settings tab.


Step 3.

Then, you’ll see a ‘Training Management’ on your menu, click ‘Create System’. This will organize your spreadsheet and your form inside the same folder on your Google Drive. At this point, you will be prompted to grant permissions so the script can run properly.


Step 4.

Once you are done with this, go back to the ‘Training Management’ menu, click ‘Update Training Form‘ to make sure your form is populated with the latest data you’ve inputted under trainings offered and locations.

Step 5.

Last, but not least go to ‘Send form‘, to select how you want to share it.


You can send it via email, or even embed it in a webpage (as shown in the above image). If unsure, simply get the link and send it to the training requesters.

Once a request is submitted via form, the email you have configured on the settings tab will receive a notification:

Simply follow the link, and approve or reject by selecting Yes or No in the Approval column (column H). One cool feature is you can actually approve, and simply change the scheduled date and time by following the link on column J.

You are all set. Happy Training! 🙂

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