Event registration form template in G Suite

As an HR manager, managing all company events and employee birthdays can be real chaos. Receiving and approving event attendance requests via email and manually entering or deleting dates from a spreadsheet is incredibly time-consuming and can lead to overlap.

Looking for an automated event registration system? We’ve got a free Sheetgo template and a step-by-step guide to help you set up the system.

Therefore, there’s no need to buy any new software — our user-friendly, free event registration template is a complete system for G Suite. Integrating Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar.

And the best part? Once the company events and employee birthdays are registered, they will automatically populate your company’s Google Calendar.

Take a look at our customer stories to learn more about how Latitude59 made use of this solution to manage all of their event data in Google Sheets.

The event registration form template is ready to use — we’ve written the script for you.

How the Event registration form template works

  • Send the event registration form to anyone that might need to add any company events/birthdays.
  • The form responses will automatically enter your spreadsheet.
  • Run the script once to automatically put these events in your company’s Google Calendar in the future.

Ready to automate events and birthdays registration in your company Calendar?

Then here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Install the template

Get a copy of the Events registration Form template here. The template consists of an Events registration form and an Events management spreadsheet that will automatically accept or deny the events requested by your team members.

As a result, inside the event tracking spreadsheet, your team’s birthdays and planned events will automatically appear in the 2020 tab.

Step 2: Connect your Google Calendar to the template

This template automatically updates your Google Calendar directly from the Form responses in the Google Sheets. In other words, our Google Apps Script takes inputs from the spreadsheet and automatically creates Calendar events. Moreover, we configured the script to execute once a day. In other words, any changes to the spreadsheet will automatically be reflected on the calendar within a day. Therefore minimizing manual work and eliminating errors. It’s a one-time setup.

As you can see, this is a great productivity hack. You stop wasting time scheduling and coordinating events amongst your team. Below are the step by step instructions to configure the script for your company.

Create a new Google Calendar

Firstly, open your Google Calendar and create a new calendar (to share with your team).

Copy the Calendar ID

Secondly, copy the calendar ID by selecting Settings and Sharing, scroll down to Integrate Calendar and copy the calendar ID.

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Add Calendar ID to spreadsheet

Finally, in your Events management spreadsheet, go to the Parameters tab and fill out the following:

<calendar_id>: Calendar ID that you just copied in the previous step.

Step 3: Configure your template timezone

The next step to make the system work is setting the timezone on your spreadsheet template to the current timezone. Click on File > Spreadsheet settings > General > Timezone. Doing so, the system records your spreadsheet in that specific timezone and affects all time-related functions.

Step 4: Use your template

To use your system simply send the form to your team. Open your Events management spreadsheet and click on Form -> Send Form. Or update the Form yourself with company events and employee birthdays.

After that, simply click on the menu Events register > Run. This automatically adjusts your Calendar in the future.

Done — your event tracking system in G Suite is up and running!

That’s it!

Now you have a clear overview of all company events and birthdays in your Google Calendar. Are you interested in automating more HR processes? Take a look at our Holiday tracking template. It works in a similar fashion to this template. Your employees request days off, which get approved or denied, and automatically added to your company Calendar.

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