Employee timesheet template in Google Sheets

by Apr 5, 2019

Tracking employees’ working hours is essential for payroll, calculating overtime and measuring productivity. In many countries, it’s also a legal requirement. There are various record-keeping systems you can use, but one of the simplest methods is to use a spreadsheet. That’s why we’ve created a free employee timesheet template in Google Sheets, so you can easily track your team’s hours.

You get a visual dashboard as part of the template, where you can view key metrics on your team’s working hours, such as hours worked per employee, or average arrival time.

Have a feeling one member of staff is taking extra long lunch breaks? Or perhaps you are concerned that your team is working late too frequently and you want to resolve that issue.

Unless you are present in the office at all times and observing everything personally, it can be difficult to have a clear overview of your team’s hours. A template for hour tracking can solve this problem simply and easily.

Why use an employee timesheet template?

✅ Keep track of all employees’ hours – in one place
✅ Get a visual dashboard with key metrics such as average arrival time
✅ Free, ready-to-use Google Sheets template

All in a simple spreadsheet. We’ve already written the formulas to create your dashboard. You just enter the data.

How do I get the template?

  • Click on the button below to get a copy of the employee timesheet template.
  • It’s a Google Sheets file named Employee timesheet management. The template is saved to your Google Drive and it opens automatically

How do I use the employee timesheet template?

Our free employee timesheet template is ready-to-use so you can start entering your data straight away. The first tab in the spreadsheet is an instructions tab, but we’ll cover all the steps here too.

Step 1:

Go to the All timesheet reports tab and start entering the hours for each employee: date, time in, lunch start, lunch end and time out.

Step 2:

In the Employee column, enter the employee’s name, number or code.

Step 3:

The hours worked are calculated automatically – don’t try to write in the grey cells.

Step 4:

Check out your Dashboard tab – here you have useful information about your employees. You can change the dates in the timeframe boxes to filter your results.

That’s it!

Your employee timesheet is up and running.

Managing a lot of employees?

Try connecting spreadsheets with Sheetgo

If you’re working with a large team and many employees, it will be time-consuming to collect and enter all employees’ working hours by yourself.

Spreadsheets are a brilliant, universal tool for keeping track of hours – everyone has access to spreadsheets and they’re easy to use. But they rely on time-consuming manual work and that can lead to copy-paste errors and other mistakes. Imagine if your spreadsheets could “talk to each other”…

With Sheetgo, they can.

Sheetgo enables you to automate the employee timesheet template. Instead of you entering all the data, each colleague has their own spreadsheet to record their hours. By connecting their spreadsheets to your master spreadsheet with a Sheetgo connection, the data transfers automatically.


Why use the Sheetgo Employee timesheet workflow?

✅ Each employee records their hours and lunch breaks in their own spreadsheet
✅ Data flows automatically into your master spreadsheet
✅ Privacy: only you can view all employees’ hours worked
✅ Automated system saves you time and manual work – no copy-pasting, emails or calls.

Sheetgo is a connection tool for spreadsheets in Google Sheets. Sheetgo powers connections between them – this allows data to flow from one to the other, in an automated system. Our employee timesheet system is ready-to-use so you just enter the data, and the spreadsheets do the work. We’ve already written the formulas for you. 

How to create an employee timesheet management workflow

Step 1:

Install the Sheetgo Add-On.

Step 2:

Click here to get a copy of the input spreadsheet. It’s called Employee #1. Make as many copies as you need and allocate them to your colleagues. Rename the spreadsheets.

Step 3:

Save all of these spreadsheets to a folder and give it a name.

Step 4:

Open the Sheetgo Add-on. Select the folder as your source. Import the “Timesheet” tabs from your employee timesheets.

Step 5:

In “Settings” change the connection name to “All Timesheet Reports”. 

Step 6:

In “Advanced Settings” > Identify Source> make sure you select Enable Source Identifier.

That’s it! The timesheet data from your employees will now flow automatically into your master sheet dashboard.


You’ve successfully set up your employee timesheet workflow in Google Sheets. You now have all employee timesheets consolidated in your master sheet – and an automated overview of their working hours in your dashboard. Feel free to customize the template according to your company needs and enjoy the easy tracking of your team’s hours worked.

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