How to send an email to multiple recipients individually

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Reading and sending emails is an unavoidable task that sometimes takes up precious hours of our work every day. Although mass mailing tools are available to help streamline this process, these tools are often only helpful when sending the same email to multiple recipients.

But what about sending individual emails to multiple recipients at the same time?

A few mass mailing tools on the market allow you to do this, but these are often expensive and complex to learn. However, Sheetgo offers a simple, affordable alternative on how to send an email to multiple recipients individually, all automatically!

Sending individual emails on a mass scale is an important task for almost any business. You can send personalized information to multiple recipients at the same time. For example, you may want to send marketing emails based on individual user behavior in your product, send e-commerce emails based on buyer behavior, or even send birthday emails to your employees within your own company.

Whatever it is, doing this manually is a highly inefficient process. Automating this instead could save you multiple hours that you can use to focus on more important tasks within your business operations.

In this article, let’s explore the importance of automating sending individual emails on a mass scale and how you can do this using the Sheetgo web app.

Why you shouldn’t send bulk emails using the BCC (blind carbon copy) field?

When it comes to sending bulk emails, using the BCC (blind carbon copy) field has some downsides you’ll want to keep in mind. 

  • It can be a trigger for spam filters.
  • It can make your email look spammy, which can harm your reputation and turn off recipients. 
  • It doesn’t allow for personalization, which can reduce engagement and make your email less effective. 

Why send emails to multiple recipients individually?

Sending individual emails on a mass scale allows you to get the best of both worlds. You can take the personalization of individual emailing and pair it with the speed of mass emailing to create the ultimate process. Here are just some other reasons why you should send emails to multiple recipients individually:
  • Send personalized data: Customize each email to the recipient by including individual data. This can be anything from their account details, order details, or financial data. You can communicate with hundreds of recipients simultaneously while keeping their data private.
  • Increase conversions: When users see a generic mass email, they’re very unlikely to open it. Creating individual emails on a mass scale that include personalized touches such as their name can dramatically increase your conversion rate.
By using Sheetgo, you can make the most of even more benefits that make this process even more intuitive and effective. Let’s take a look at what Sheetgo has to offer.

Why use mail merge by Sheetgo?

Google does offer a multi-send feature for Gmail in order for users to send multiple emails at once for email marketing, announcements, and newsletters. Although any Google Account can access this feature and create its own mailing lists, it does have a few limitations.

The main limitations of Google’s multi-send feature include:

  • Unable to send individual custom messages: Google does not offer a solution to create personalized messages for individual recipients. You can only send the exact same email content to your list of contacts.
  • 1500 send limit: You can only send up to 1,500 emails to recipients per day using the multi-send feature, compared to the 2,000 limit for regular emails from a work account.
  • Manual input: Users still need to manually input their recipient email addresses into Gmail in order to send out the emails.

Sheetgo is a simple, affordable alternative that will enable you to send individual emails all at once. What’s more, Sheetgo automates this entire process for you. Once you set up your workflow, you can sit back and relax while Sheetgo does the work for you.

  • Automated from start to finish: Sheetgo will handle the email generation and delivery process from beginning to end. Every email is sent automatically so that you can avoid any manual effort.
  • Send data straight from a spreadsheet: Send hundreds of emails in a matter of minutes from a simple spreadsheet. Just add the data related to your email content, create your email content, and Sheetgo handles the rest.
  • Customize with Sheetgo Tags: Personalize every single email using Sheetgo Tags. You can use these when creating your email content, and Sheetgo will substitute the tag with the dynamic data in your spreadsheet. You can use tags for names, dates, contact details, identification, etc.
  • Gmail integration: Sheetgo’s Gmail integration means that you can send emails directly through your Gmail account whilst experiencing all of the intelligent features the Sheetgo web app offers.
  • Schedule automatic updates: Create a self-sufficient workflow by scheduling automatic updates. Sheetgo will automatically generate and send an email whenever new data is added to your spreadsheet. You don’t even need to open up your files!
  • Avoid double-sending emails: The Check email recipients setting by Sheetgo means that you can avoid double-sending emails after the workflow updates.
Now that you understand the multiple benefits of using Sheetgo, let’s go through a step-by-step on how to send personalized emails to multiple recipients automatically.

How to send an email to multiple recipients individually

In order to see how to send an email to multiple recipients individually using Sheetgo, let’s start with a use case. Let’s say I am part of the marketing team for an e-commerce company. I have a spreadsheet containing all customer data, including their name, email, and the URL of where they were last on the e-commerce site.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 0
My objective is to email customers who left the checkout page unexpectedly and encourage them to return to complete their purchase. Using Sheetgo, I can filter out the users who were last on the checkout page, then create an email template that will transfer individual data from the spreadsheet to create a personalized email to each individual. As a result, each customer last on the checkout page will receive a personalized email with their data and a URL to take them back to checkout.

Step 1: Sign up to Sheetgo

Signing up to Sheetgo is easy – simply use your Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox account to get started.

Step 2: Prepare your spreadsheet

Ensure your data is within your spreadsheet. You must include any dynamic data you wish to add to your emails. The header will be the smart tag you will use to personalize email content. In this example, I have a spreadsheet with all the columns of data I need, including the customer name, email address, and last seen URL.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 0

Step 3: Upload your source file

Now it’s time to begin creating your workflow. In your workspace on the Sheetgo web app, click +New workflow, then choose to Create connection to build a custom workflow.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 1
Add your spreadsheet as a Single file. Search for and select your spreadsheet file in the corresponding cloud storage account located on the left-hand side of the pop-up.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 2
Once selected, choose the tab containing your data. Then, click Next.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 3

Step 4: [Optional] Filter data

You can choose to filter your data if you need to. Here, as I only want to email the customers who were last seen on the checkout page, I can use the Filter feature by Sheetgo to filter my data accordingly. Under Process, click Filter > Condition
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 4
As I want to filter data based on the “Last seen URL” containing “/checkout”, I need to input the following:
  • Column: Column F: Last seen URL
  • Criteria: Text contains
  • Value: /checkout
You can choose to add more conditions by pressing the button + Add condition. When finished, click Next.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 5

Step 5: Generate email

Now it’s time to begin generating the emails. Under Generate, click Email.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 6

Step 6: Add email addresses

Under the section Email addresses, you can choose options to either add the recipients’ email addresses manually or allow Sheetgo to transfer email addresses from your spreadsheet file automatically.
Use custom recipients
Select the Use custom recipients option and manually enter the email addresses of those to who you wish to send your email to. Note that this option works best if you want to send the same bulk email to multiple recipients.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 7
Get dynamically from column
Select the Get dynamically from column option and select the column within your spreadsheet from the dropdown menu that contains all of the email addresses. In this case, I select column C.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 8

Step 7: Create custom email content

Now it’s time to create your email content. Firstly, type out the content you want every email to have. Then, add the Sheetgo tags to introduce dynamic data into your emails – this will change for every email depending on the row of data. As you will be able to see, Sheetgo automatically turns your column headers into smart tags. Simply click on one of these tags to add it to your content.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 9
You also have access to other formatting options, including bullet points, headers and action buttons. I have now created my email content using the smart tags as you can see below. I can even add a smart tag to the action button to navigate each recipient to their respective checkout page!
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 10
Finally, you can choose whether to activate the Check email recipients setting. This will add a column in the spreadsheet to identify which row records have been sent an email, and only send emails for new entries. This means that whenever you run or schedule updates for your workflow, Sheetgo will never re-send an email already received.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 11
Now that you’re finished, click Finish and save.

Step 8: Schedule automatic updates

You can schedule automatic updates for your workflow so that Sheetgo will continue to send individual emails whenever a new row of data is added to the spreadsheet. In Workflow, click on the Automate button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, choose your schedule and click Save.
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 12

How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail

And there you have it! Now that your workflow is complete, you have successfully delivered emails to multiple recipients individually. Any of my customers who were last on the checkout page will now receive an email like this:
How to send an email to multiple recipients individually 13
Interested in learning more about Sheetgo and its Gmail integration? Check out this article on How to automatically generate and send contracts via Gmail with Sheetgo. Alternatively, take a look at some of the related posts below!

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