How to send personalized mass emails

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The majority of us have experienced either sending or receiving a mass email in both our working and personal lives. There are many mass emailing solutions that already exist to help overcome certain limitations such as email limits, time-consuming email inputs, etc. However, it’s important to note that many solutions don’t offer one vital thing: the opportunity to personalize mass emails.

Sending a personalized mass email is particularly important within a working environment, as it could be the make or break of reaching your business objectives. This may include acquiring new clients, receiving payment on time, or simply increasing your marketing campaign metrics. In this article, we will show you the importance of a personalized mass email, and how to successfully send these using the Sheetgo web app in just a few clicks of a button!

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Why are personalized mass emails so important?

There are numerous advantages to sending out a personalized mass email, which can hugely impact the performance of your organization in almost any department.

Here are just a few ways that a personalized mass email is important for your company:

  • Increase in email open rate – Generally, a personalized mass email is more likely to be opened as the recipient knows it was intended specifically for them.
  • Personalization shows you care – Personalized mass emails are a great way to quickly reach a large number of people but still show that you care. It’s a great way to secure new clients or generate new leads.
  • Customize to each recipient with specific data – You can include specific data in each email whilst still experiencing the efficiency of a mass email.

We can see how important these benefits are when looking at a use case. For example, let’s say my objective is to send customized promotion deals to customers in order to prolong their subscription to my company’s service.

Using the database full of the details of my customers, I can transfer these into an email template so that each individual receives an in-depth email that is completely customized to them. It will include their name, their custom promotion offer and code, and even their account details.

With this, I have a much higher chance of individuals opening the email, inputting their promotion code and extending their subscription, compared to a generic email offering a very basic promotion.

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How to send personalized mass emails

The Sheetgo web app offers a fantastic mail merging process that not only offers personalization, but a range of other benefits to help optimize and streamline your mass mailing process.

Before we show how you can send personalized mass emails using Sheetgo, let’s delve deeper into its added benefits.

Benefits of Sheetgo as a mail merger

Other mail merging solutions help with some aspects of your mass email process, but often they limit you in other ways such as email limitations, lack of personalization etc.

Google now does offer a multi-send feature for Gmail in order for users to send multiple emails at once for email marketing, announcements, and newsletters. Although any Google Account can access this feature and create its own mailing lists, it does have a few limitations.

The main limitations of Google’s multi-send feature include:

  • Unable to send individual custom messages: Google does not offer a solution to create personalized messages for individual recipients. You can only send the exact same email content to your list of contacts.
  • 1500 send limit: You can only send up to 1,500 emails to recipients per day using the multi-send feature, compared to the 2,000 limit for regular emails from a work account.
  • Manual input: Users still need to manually input their recipient email addresses into Gmail in order to send out the emails.

Here are some of the main benefits of Sheetgo that other mail mergers, including Google’s multi-send feature, don’t have:

  • All-in-one workflow: In the Sheetgo web app, your mass email process will be handled from beginning to end, with a connection directly between your data and your email.
  • Customize your email content: Sheetgo automatically pulls the dynamic data from your spreadsheet and adds it to your email template, so you have unique emails for every recipient.
  • Send data straight from a spreadsheet: Send hundreds of emails in a matter of minutes from a simple spreadsheet. Just add the data related to your email content, create your email content, and Sheetgo handles the rest.
  • Automated sending process: Once you’ve connected your data, added your email template and customized your settings, Sheetgo will send the emails for you. You don’t have to worry about anything else!
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How to send a mass email

In the Sheetgo web app, the dynamic data (the data that’s different for each recipient), will be pulled from a spreadsheet and automatically inserted into the email template you create. As a result, each recipient will receive a personalized email that includes the data specific to them.

Let’s use the use case mentioned above as our example to demonstrate how to send a personalized mass email using the Sheetgo web app.

Step 1. Add your data into a spreadsheet

First of all, make sure that all of your dynamic data related to your recipients is contained within a spreadsheet. Each category of data should have its own column. In our example, I’d create a column for Client name, account number, promotion offer, promotion code, promotion deadline etc.

You can see an example of our data spreadsheet below.

personalized mass email 0
Step 2. Sign up for Sheetgo
It’s easy to sign up for Sheetgo! Log in with your Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox account to get started.

Simply click the blue button below.

Step 3. Create your workflow

In the Sheetgo web app, click Create workflow. Select Connect files and add your spreadsheet of data as a single file. Select the correct tab containing your data.

Once finished, press Continue.

personalized mass email 1

It’s time to select your next step. Scroll down to the ‘Generate’ section and select Email.

This is where you will add your email template content and customize your settings.

personalized mass email 2

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Step 4. Automatically add your email addresses

Sheetgo gives you two options to add the addresses of your recipients:

1. Get dynamically from column

If you tick this option, Sheetgo will automatically add all of the email address data from the spreadsheet. Simply select the correct column that contains all of the images, as shown below.

personalized mass email 3
2. Use custom recipients

If you prefer to manually add your recipient email addresses, then simply select this option. Here, you can copy and paste your data into the field.

personalized mass email 4
Step 5. Create your email content

It’s time to create your email content. As you will be able to see, Sheetgo automatically turns the columns from your spreadsheet into buttons so you can easily input your smart tags into the email.

Make sure that everything you write can be sent to all of your recipients. Then add the smart tags where you want the personalized information to be.

personalized mass email 5

You can also personalize the subject title of the email. When you want to add smart tags, remember to include the double brackets around the column name, e.g. {{Client first name}}.

personalized mass email 6

When you’re happy with your email content, press Finish and save.

Sheetgo will automatically replace these smart tags with the correct data from the spreadsheet for each recipient. Furthermore, as the workflow is now complete, Sheetgo will automatically send out every single personalized email to its recipient!

personalized mass email 7

How to send personalized mass emails in Gmail

And there you have it! By mass mailing from Sheetgo, not only can you personalize your email content, but you can do everything automatically through the Gmail integration.

If you’d like to learn more about mass emailing software, check out our article on the Top 5 best mass emailing software in 2021!

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