Multiple employee timesheet distributions in spreadsheets

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Written by Valentine Schelstraete

May 19, 2020

As a Human Resources manager, you manage multiple employees. Not only their careers, health care, days off, but potentially also their timesheets. A timesheet includes not only the time employees start and end work, but sometimes also a detailed breakdown of their tasks.

Multiple employee timesheet distribution

It can be very useful to decentralize all this information. You list down all your employees’ tasks, and on which days you want them to work. But you do not want to share all this data with every employee. Moreover, it is useful to send specific tasks and information to each employee, to then have them fill out their updates before sending it back to you. All of this without copy/pasting and manual work.

Follow the steps below to set up the multiple employee timesheet distribution.

Step 1: Install Sheetgo

First, make sure you install Sheetgo. Once inside the web app, click on Connect to create your distribute connection.

Step 2: Choose your data source

To start, select from which spreadsheet the data comes from. Open your Drive to choose the file you want to distribute to the multiple employee timesheets.

You can use any file format (Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, or TSV) from inside your online storage as your source file, but at the moment, the distribute function only sends data to Google Sheets destination files.

Step 3: Choose your data destination

As the data destination, choose to Multiple Google Sheets in a folder to distribute the data between new or existing files. Either have Sheetgo create a new folder, or select an already existing folder inside your Drive.

After that, select the column you base the distribution on. This means that Sheetgo will automatically create a number of new spreadsheets, based on the number of different cell values in that column.

Step 4: Save the connection

Finally, click on Finish and save to create the multiple employee timesheet distributions.

Step 5: Automate the workflow

Finally, after creating the workflow that distributes your spreadsheet to multiple other Google Sheets, click on Automate on the floating bar.

Choose to have automatic updates as frequently as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.


With Sheetgo’s distribute feature, you send data from a single spreadsheet to multiple other spreadsheets. Share up-to-date information with your team, automatically. Learn in this post how to take advantage of this feature to control your company budget.

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