Merge Dropbox files: how to combine multiple Excel files

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Dropbox allows you to share spreadsheet files with colleagues and clients instantly — and access them from anywhere. And once your files are stored in the cloud, you can simplify and streamline your work even more. Did you know you can connect Excel files stored in Dropbox and send data between them automatically? Instead of copy-pasting data manually, use Sheetgo to create an automated workflow to push and pull data between different Excel and CSV files. If you do a lot of work in spreadsheets, you’ll know that one of the most time-consuming and common tasks is gathering, collating and combining data for reports. This usually involves searching through multiple files to extract data and sumarize it in another sheet. Once your files are in cloud storage, you can actually create a consolidate connection to merge Dropbox Excel files into one single spreadsheet.

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Merge Excel files in Dropbox

Use Sheetgo to combine data from multiple Excel or CSV files into one master sheet. You get up-to-date, consolidated data in the master spreadsheet while your source files remain untouched.

Follow the steps below to merge Excel files into one master spreadsheet in Dropbox with Sheetgo.

Step 1: Install Sheetgo

Install Sheetgo by clicking the blue button below, Log in with your Dropbox account.

Once inside the web application, you can connect any Excel or CSV file stored in your Dropbox to another file, and you can also connect to files stored in Google Drive.

Step 2: Select your source data

To create a connection between Dropbox files, click Connect. Select Multiple files as your source data. This will allow you to consolidate (or merge) data from multiple Excel, CSV, or TSV files stored in Dropbox. Please note you cannot consolidate data from Google Sheets files stored in Dropbox — but that’s easy to do if you have a Google Drive account.

Click Select files. Sheetgo opens on the right-hand side and here you can select Excel files straight from Dropbox.

After you have selected each file, make sure you select the correct source tab (worksheet). Sheetgo pulls data from individual tabs, so if you have a large workbook, make sure your source data is coming from the right worksheet.

In this example, we will select 3 Excel files to merge into a master workbook: Sales Region A, Sales Region B, and Sales Region C.

Connect, merge, filter or split your spreadsheets

Step 3: Select your destination file

Click Continue to go to the next step and select where you want to send the data to. Data from your source files will be consolidated into this spreadsheet.

The destination file can be an existing Excel file in Dropbox, or if you want to send the data to a new spreadsheet, Sheetgo will create one for you automatically.

If you choose a new Excel file, give it a name you will recognize easily in Dropbox. Under Destination tab, choose a name for the tab that Sheetgo will create inside your destination file.

Step 4: Save the connection

Click on Finish and save to merge the Excel files into one master file in Dropbox.

Step 5: Automate the workflow

Sheetgo has now created your workflow and consolidated multiple Excel files into one master spreadsheet.

To finish, click Automate on the floating menu bar of your workflow to enable automatic updates. Schedule updates as often as you need: every hour, every few hours, daily, weekly, or monthly.

Combine Excel data automatically

That’s how to merge Dropbox Excel files, consolidating data from multiple Excel files stored on Dropbox into one single file with Sheetgo.

Want to do more with spreadsheets stored in Dropbox? Learn how to how to seamlessly connect spreadsheets in Dropbox.

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