How to link Google Sheets data automatically

Google Sheets needs no introduction. The Cloud-based spreadsheets application made our work lives so easy. Previously, organizing and sharing the information files was a problem to reckon with. Now we can access Google Sheets from anywhere and on any device.

We can even share the files with other users with appropriate access controls, taking collaborative efforts to the next level. But not everything within the application is seamless, and certainly, there is a lot of room for improvement.

While we can use the IMPORTRANGE formula to link Google Sheets data automatically, it is not as advanced and flexible as the solution we are going to try here. Therefore, a great alternative to link data is to follow these step-by-step instructions on how to link Google Sheets.

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Why should we link Google Sheets spreadsheets?

Data exchange between colleagues on a daily basis can get tiring and time-consuming when done manually. Looking for ways to automate this process will help them save more valuable time over time. 

Let’s say I have a spreadsheet containing customer survey data and I need to share the data with my team members. However, I don’t want to share the entire spreadsheet because I want to keep my source file private and safe.

Link Data Automatically in Google Sheets: Connection Creation Page

Solution: Automate the process with Sheetgo

Thanks to Sheetgo, we have a much simpler and automatic alternative that makes information exchange happen without manual intervention. With the Sheetgo web app, you can link Google Sheets files to transfer, merge, filter or split data automatically. If we don’t have it yet, click the button below and create your account.

Step 1. Create a connection

Click Create connection to start linking your Google Sheets files.

Link Google Sheets 1

Step 2. Select source

Now select your source. As you can see, Sheetgo enables you to transfer data from a wide range of sources: Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, TSV and BigQuery.

Select Google Sheets.

Link Google Sheets 2

Then choose the file you want to transfer data from. If you want to connect multiple spreadsheets, you can select more than one Google Sheets file. Here I’ll choose my “Customer Survey Data” file.

Link Google Sheets 3

If you enable the Transfer formatting feature, Sheetgo will automatically retain the formatting of your source file. By using this feature, you won’t need to reformat your destination file.

Link Google Sheets 4

Connect, merge, filter or split your spreadsheets

Step 3. Select a data processor

You can select one of the data processors if you want to filter, merge or split your data. Since I just want to transfer data from a spreadsheet to another, I’ll click Skip.

Link Google Sheets 5

Step 4. Select a destination

Now it’s time to select a destination. Not only can you transfer your data to another file in a variety of formats (Google Sheets, Excel, CSV or TSV), but you can also generate Google Docs files, PDFs or emails.

Link Google Sheets 6

I’ll select Google Sheets. Then you can either create a new Google Sheets file for the data to be imported into or add the data to an existing file.

Here, you can also change the destination of the Root folder (top right-hand side of the pop-up), allowing you to access any of your desired cloud-based storage solutions. Don’t forget to name your Google Sheets file and tab.

When you click Finish and save, Sheetgo will automatically transfer the data from your source file to your destination file.

Link Google Sheets 7

Connect your spreadsheets to your data sources

Step 5. Schedule automatic transfers

As you can see, Sheetgo has created an automated workflow to link these Google Sheets files.

Link Google Sheets 8

By clicking Automate, you can create your own automation schedule. You can choose what days to automate your workflow, up to every hour. Once you’ve created your schedule, click Save.

Link Google Sheets 9


You have successfully connected your spreadsheets using the Sheetgo add-on. If you want to connect your Google Sheets to Excel, check out this article.

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