Link CSV to Excel files automatically

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Written by Valentine Schelstraete

Jun 18, 2020

CSV files offer a reliable and versatile way to record and share database information in a tabular format. When different teams in your company use specialist software packages, downloading to CSV provides a simple way to extract and share all data. But what if you want to pull all of that data into an Excel file?

Excel can read CSV files but your data will be a mess. CSV stands for comma separated values and those commas can prove problematic when Excel tries to read them. You can manually change the separator and adjust the Excel settings, but this is time-consuming and you will need to repeat this process for each CSV file you want to import.

Can I automatically connect and link CSV to Excel?

You can. With Sheetgo, it’s possible to create an automated workflow that pulls data from multiple CSV files directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

Follow the steps below to learn how to link CSV to Excel files automatically:

Link CSV to Excel files automatically

Link CSV to Excel files Sheetgo

Step 1: Install Sheetgo

Install Sheetgo here. Once inside the web app, click on +Create workflow and then Connect to start the connection.

Step 2: CSV as your data source

The next step is to select the data source of your connection. In this case, this will be the CSV file that you want to automatically link to Excel.

Search and find your CSV from within one of the Cloud storage solutions that Sheetgo supports.

Link CSV to Excel source file

Step 3: Excel as your data destination

Once you’ve selected your CSV file as data source, click on Continue to come to the next step of the connection editor.

Here, choose to which file you want to send your CSV data to. Either let Sheetgo automatically create a new file for you, or choose an existing one from inside your storage.

In this case, we select our Excel file.

Link CSV to Excel data destination

Finally, click on Finish and save to create the connection between your CSV and Excel file. Sheetgo now automatically creates a new tab in the Excel file, with the imported CSV data.

Step 4: Automate the workflow

Turn on the automatic updates to get the most accurate data from CSV to Excel on a frequent basis.

On the floating bar of your workflow, click on Automate. Select here if you want hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly updates.

Link CSV automatic updates

An automated CSV to Excel workflow

That’s how you link CSV to Excel files, and automate data transfer between the two different spreadsheet formats.

Looking for more automation tips for CSV? Check out our guide on how to merge and combine CSV files.

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