IMPORTRANGE Google Sheets vs Sheetgo: Which is better?

If you’re looking for a way to manage data across multiple sheets in Google Sheets, you should definitely check out the Google Sheets IMPORTRANGE function. This powerful tool lets you pull data from one sheet to another, even if they’re located in different documents.

Using IMPORTRANGE can save you time and effort by eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting. In addition, it can help you prevent errors by automatically updating the imported data whenever changes are made to the original data source.

IMPORTRANGE Google Sheets limitations

Although the IMPORTRANGE function offers a range of benefits, such as simplifying the process of managing multiple sheets and reducing the risk of errors when manually transferring data, it also comes with some limitations. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using Google Sheets IMPORTRANGE:

  1. Complexity: The formula can be a bit complex and may cause errors if not written correctly.
  2. Sheet limit: The IMPORTRANGE function can only import data from up to 50 different sheets. 
  3. Formatting: It can’t retain formatting, which means you may need to spend some time reformatting the data after it has been imported.
  4. Privacy concerns: When you export data from a sheet, you’ll need to give permission to access that sheet. Whoever has access to the destination file will also be able to access data from the source file.
  5. Processing time: If you’re importing a large amount of data or if your internet connection is slow, the IMPORTRANGE function may take some time to process.
  6. Data size limit: It can only import data from up to 50 different sheets. 
How to use IMPORTRANGE in Google Sheets [Instructions & Tips]

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A better alternative to IMPORTRANGE

If you find that these limitations are holding you back, don’t worry. There’s a better way! Sheetgo offers a variety of benefits over IMPORTRANGE, including:

  1. Say goodbye to complex formulas: Sheetgo doesn’t require you to write any complex formulas to import data from multiple sheets. You will be able to import data with just a few clicks.
  2. Keep your formatting intact: Sheetgo can retain formatting when importing data, so you don’t have to waste time fixing it afterwards.
  3. Data privacy: You don’t have to share the data from the source file. Sheetgo keeps the data from the source spreadsheet private, ensuring that only authorized users can access it.
  4. Less prone to errors: When you use the IMPORTRANGE formula, you can get a lot of errors. With Sheetgo, you can transfer data with a few clicks, reducing the chances of errors.

If you want to harness the power of Google Sheets, Sheetgo can help you connect, transfer, merge or split data from your spreadsheets automatically.

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If you’re still on the fence about which of these two tools you should choose, check out this head-to-head comparison chart and find out whether IMPORTRANGE or Sheetgo meets your needs.

Importrange Sheetgo
Level of spreadsheet expertise needed Medium Low
Dataset transferred Customizable range Entire page/tab
Update frequency ~30 seconds Customizable from 1x per hour to 1x per month
Includes indicators of connection errors? No Yes
Includes a list of connections existing in the spreadsheet? No Yes
Data availability Only load when the spreadsheet is accessed** Always available
Possible to schedule data transfers? No Yes
Transfers data and page format? No Yes
Manages the consolidation of multiple tabs into one? No*** Yes
Can connect to Excel (.xls/.xlsx), CSV, or other tabular files? No Yes
Able to create a historic record by freezing and append data instead of just mirror No Yes
Export data No Yes
Includes a panel that exhibits all existing connections in all of your spreadsheets No Yes
Filter data No Yes
Includes a Workflow View that visualizes the connections between your spreadsheets? No Yes
Ability to create and organize connections into workflows No Yes
Notify connections errors by email No Yes
*It has no connections limits, but you may find the volume of data as a limiter when your spreadsheet is overloaded.
**If you have an application that needs to access the spreadsheet quickly and use data that depends on import range you run the risk of that data not being available which could cause delays or errors.
***You can manually include multiple sequential Import Ranges but the cells utilized will always be static and not expand to accommodate more data being included in the source.

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What others think about Importrange Google Sheets vs Sheetgo

The IMPORTRANGE() function is a critical tool for any moderately complex Google Sheets application. Sadly, it is extremely limited in functionality, a fact attested by the huge volume of complaints in the GDocs Help Forums and no reference at all by Google to the limitations of the function. Sheetgo is a godsend. It provides an automated (if you need it) built-in tool for moving data from one file to another. It has a simple and clear user interface and, within the confines of the several days that I’ve used it, works perfectly. The staff is very responsive and helpful. I could not recommend this app more highly. Thank you Sheetgo!
Jeff Bush

Finance Director

Fantastic tool to help you offload complex sheet consolidation scripts and IMPORTRANGE formulas that sometimes do not always work as expected. Sheetgo is simple and works! Helps you use Google Sheets for “near-big-data” applications where you have massive data going into many separate sheets, Sheetgo allows you to consolidate into one place, analyze and present data easily and effectively!
Frank Norrmann

General Manager

This is a very reliable add-on. It works when Google Sheets reach limits that cause importrange failures. Sheetgo has incredible support and is constantly launching new features. Been searching for this solution for a long time, so happy to find something that finally works!
Svetha Janumpalli

CEO & Founder, New incentives

Stop fixing errors and take IMPORTRANGE to the next level

Conclusion: IMPORTRANGE or Sheetgo?

If you want to transfer data in Google Sheets, IMPORTRANGE can help you. However, if you’re looking for a faster and more reliable solution, look no further than Sheetgo.

With Sheetgo, you can transfer, merge or split data from multiple spreadsheets automatically, without using complicated formulas and preserving the original formatting.

In order to learn how you can transfer formatting with Sheetgo, check out this article.

If you’re ready to get started with Sheetgo, click the button below and start for free.

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