How to split Google Sheet into multiple sheets

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Written by Valentine Schelstraete

May 19, 2020

As a manager, you are the owner of a lot of different spreadsheets that contain important information to share with your team members. Google Sheets already provided us with a great solution for this: simply share the spreadsheet, and create a collaborative work environment.

But what if we want to control access to sensitive data?  And only share selected data with employees, clients or customers? You could manually copy/paste the data into new Google Sheets, each different for a certain stakeholder. However, this is a time-consuming and unnecessary task.

Split Google Sheet into multiple sheets

This is why Sheetgo created the distribute feature. You can now split your Google Sheet into multiple sheets, automatically. With a single set up, you create automated connections between your master file (that holds all important data) and the separate Google Sheets of your team.

  • Only share what’s necessary with your team
  • Save time by automating data distribution
  • Avoid excessive emails and miscommunication

Follow the steps below to distribute filtered data straight from your Google Sheet.

Step 1

Firstly, make sure you install Sheetgo to access the web app. Once logged in, click on Connect to build the distribute connection.

The data comes from a single spreadsheet. Select your master Google Sheets file straight from your Google Drive. This is where you monitor all the data relevant to your different team members.

Step 2: Choose the distribute destination

After that, choose Multiple Google Sheets in a folder as your data destination. Choose to store them in a New or Existing folder. In the first case, Sheetgo will automatically create a new folder in your Drive with new spreadsheets based on your distribution.

Secondly, select the column you base your data distribution on. This is, for example, the column that has your team members’ names, or the specific marketing channel someone monitors, and so on. Depending on how many different cell values there are in this column, Sheetgo creates a number of new spreadsheets.

Lastly, give your destination tab a specific name. This way, your team members will easily recognize where this new sheet in their spreadsheet comes from.

Step 3

To finish, click on Finish and save to set up your distribute connection and split your Google Sheet into multiple sheets. 

Step 4: Automate the workflow

To automate the distribution, click on Automate on the floating bar of your workflow. Set up the frequency of the automatic updates: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.

You now have an automatic flow that notifies your colleagues with updated information, as frequently as you need.


This is how to split Google Sheet into multiple sheets easily and automatically. Sheetgo integrates with Dropbox as well. In other words, you can also split an Excel file to multiple other spreadsheets, if certain members of your team use the other spreadsheet format.

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