How to split Google Sheet into multiple sheets

Google Sheets is a great tool to not only store huge amounts of data in various spreadsheets but also to share and collaborate on files with others. This is great when you want to share an entire spreadsheet of data with someone, but what about when you only want to share specific amounts of data from your file?

There are many instances where we might want to share only limited amounts of information from a spreadsheet. For example, controlling access to sensitive data with a select number of team members, clients, or customers.

The only current solution in Google Sheets is to manually copy and paste this select data into another spreadsheet, but this is extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

Sheetgo offers a new solution for these situations – automatically splitting your data from Google Sheets into multiple sheets. Through the web app, you can transfer specific data from one file to another, all automatically.

Let’s explore the feature in more detail and a step-by-step on how to split data in Google Sheets using Sheetgo.

Ready to split your Google Sheets into multiple sheets? 

Why split your data automatically?

Automatically splitting your data and sending it to multiple sheets dramatically saves you a lot of time and manual effort. Automation within processes like this helps to achieve an overall more productive and efficient system.

However, the Sheetgo web app also offers additional benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Automated system: Sheetgo creates an automated workflow that takes care of your process from start to finish.
  • Maintain data privacy: You can filter down the data you want to transfer, thus making sure you maintain privacy over confidential data.
  • Avoid human error: As Sheetgo automatically transfers the data for you, there’s no need for manual copy and pasting of data. This not only saves you time but also eliminates any risk of human error.
  • Control over sharing: You have complete control of where you send your data to – whether it’s to a new or existing file, within or outside of your organization.
  • Avoid excessive emails and miscommunication: Easily share the workflow with your team members to avoid excessive communication.

⇒ Watch the video below and learn how to split Google Sheet into multiple sheets with Sheetgo.

How to split Google Sheet into multiple sheets with Sheetgo

Now that we understand the Split feature and how it can help us to effectively transfer specific data from one Google Sheets to another, let’s go through a step-by-step on how you can create your own Sheetgo workflow.

How to split Google Sheets into multiple sheets automatically?

In order to demonstrate how to split your Google Sheets data with Sheetgo, let’s imagine that I am the manager of a small IT company with a master spreadsheet containing each team member’s project assignment for the coming month. I need to extract the tasks of each member and send them over to their own personal tasks list.

Split Google Sheets

Using the Sheetgo Split feature, I am able to split the tasks to each team member based on the name to which the task is assigned. Sheetgo separates the data into individual spreadsheets which I can then send out to the corresponding colleague. Every time a new task is added, each team member receives it automatically without me having to add it personally in each spreadsheet.

1. Sign up for Sheetgo

It’s easy to sign up for Sheetgo! Log in with your Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox account to get started. Simply click the blue button below.

2. Create your workflow

In the Sheetgo web app, click Create workflow. Select Connect files and add your spreadsheet of data as a single file. Select the correct tab containing your data.

Once finished, press Continue.

Split GoogleSheets 3

3. Split your Google Sheets data

Under the process section, choose the Split option and then simply select the column containing the data that will determine the split of the data. 

Split Google Sheets 4

As I want to split the data according to each team member, I should choose Column C labeled Assigned to. Sheetgo automatically creates a new spreadsheet for each category of data. So, I should have a separate spreadsheet for Elena, Jonatan, James, Clara, Holly and Christina, each containing their own task list.

Split Google Sheets 5

4. Select your destination file

It’s time to select your next step. Sheetgo gives you three options to send your split data. Simply click Multiple spreadsheets in a folder. This will allow you to split and distribute your data to multiple files.

Connect, merge, filter or split your spreadsheets

Split Google Sheets 6

Here, you can choose whether to send your data to a new or existing folder. You can also change the destination of the root folder from Google Drive to other cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox or OneDrive.

Once you’re happy with your destination folder and the source column, you can alter the name of your destination tab to your liking.

Once everything is completed, press Finish and save. Sheetgo has created your workflow with the splitted data in the destination folder.

Split Google Sheets 7

5. Update the connections

Each time you add a new task to the root file, you can update the data for each corresponding team member by clicking on the Run button located in Workflow. All your spreadsheets are now up-to-date.

Split Google Sheets 10

6. Schedule automatic transfers

To complete your workflow, schedule automatic updates so that your split data is always updated within your destination file.

Simply head to Workflow, and press the Automate button. Create a custom schedule by selecting the days and hours you wish to update your workflow. Once finished, click Save.

Split Google Sheets 11

7. Data split complete!

And there you go! You have successfully split the data within your Google Sheets file and transferred specific data to new spreadsheets in a new folder in your chosen storage space.

Here is the outcome of splitting the project tasks data. As you can see, I now have a new Google Sheets folder containing multiple spreadsheets corresponding to each IT team member.

Split Google Sheets 9

New way to split data

Sheetgo recently released a new version in which splitting data is even easier. The Split feature now not only sends your data to different spreadsheets, but you can also split data in different tabs of the same spreadsheet.  

Head to our support page to find out more information about the Sheetgo split feature coming soon.

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How to transfer specific data in Google Sheets

With the Sheetgo web app, you can automatically split and transfer data from one Google Sheets to another in just a few clicks of a button!

If you would like to learn more about managing your spreadsheets using Sheetgo, check out our article on how to combine Google Sheets by merging multiple sheets.

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Editor’s note: This is a revised version of a previous post that has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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