How to convert Google Sheets to Excel automatically

by Dec 2, 2019

Do you frequently need to convert Google Sheets spreadsheets to Excel format? When it comes to spreadsheet software, opinion is fairly divided on which option is best. Google Sheets is rapidly growing in popularity. Because it’s online, Sheets is incredibly flexible, brilliant for collaboration and means that anyone can access real-time data, anywhere. Plus it’s free. Nonetheless, Excel still has its die-hard fans. Many of these are advanced spreadsheet users who prefer its functionality. At other times, employers insist on Excel for security or standardization reasons.

Everyone has their preferred spreadsheet format, so even if you use Google Sheets, it’s pretty likely that you’ll work with colleagues, clients, suppliers or customers who still use Excel. For these reasons, many people need a simple way to convert Google Sheets to Excel.

Switching back and forth between the two file formats takes time and mistakes can happen along the way. As it’s cloud-based software, Google Sheets automatically saves all changes, so anyone accessing the file is seeing real-time data. If you need to ensure the exact same data is updated in an Excel file, manually saving new versions is extremely time-consuming and unreliable.

Here’s a quick automation hack to help you sync Google Sheets and Excel, quickly and easily.

Get data from Google Sheets updated in Excel

Step 1: Connect your Excel files to Google Drive

First of all you need to connect and upload your Excel files to Google Drive, and have them updated automatically. A helpful shortcut is to use Google’s Backup and Sync software.

Simply make sure that all the Excel files you want to upload to Sheets are stored in the same folder on your computer. You can then select this folder to be automatically uploaded to your Drive.

Go to your Google Drive > Computers > Select folder

Select the folder of Excel files that you want to connect to Google Sheets. 


Step 2: Connect Google Sheets to Excel

Open the Google Sheets file that you want to have updated to an Excel file.

Inside the Google Sheet, open the Sheetgo add-on. Go to the menu Add-ons > Sheetgo > Start.

If you don’t yet have it installed, get it by clicking on Get add-ons or install it from the G Suite marketplace.

Step 3: Export to your Excel file

Sheetgo has opened as a sidebar on your screen. Hover over the plus button to select Import or Export.

Choose to export this Google Sheets file to your Excel file. Under Data destination > select your Excel file (e.g. Leads Sales.xlsx).

Under Settings, you will see that automatic updates are enabled by default. Choose your preferred frequency here (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly).

Step 4: Filter the connection (optional)

Under Settings in the add-on, you will find there are many different ways you can connect these two files. If you wish to Filter only the sales leads that have a higher probability of being closed, simply do the following:

Filter by condition > Column I: Funnel stage > Text is exactly Warm.

Your automated system to convert Google Sheets to Excel is up and running.

This is how you convert Google Sheets to Excel, syncing the two spreadsheets so that your Excel files are updated when someone makes changes to Google Sheets. Take a look at the Excel file in the folder on your desktop to see the changes.

Want to do this the other way around? Read how to upload Excel to Google Sheets automatically.

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