How to append Excel and create a historical track of data

by Jun 15, 2020

Spreadsheets are extremely useful to gather data — especially when you need to keep track of dynamic variables such as stock prices. Excel and Google Sheets both have formulas that allow you to import live stock prices in your spreadsheet. But what if you want to keep a historick track of the stock prices and monitor the evolution on the stock exchange?

Follow the steps below to learn how to append Excel and create a historic track of your data.

Record historic data from excel to google sheets

Step 1: Install Sheetgo

Install Sheetgo here.

Once inside the web application, click on +Create workflow and then Connect.

Step 2: Excel as your data source

Choose the Excel file from within your storage as your data source.

I have an Excel workbook (Historick Stock data) with a live link to the Nasdaq exchange database, which includes information from all the major U.S. stock indexes.

Append Excel data source historic stock

Step 3: Choose your data destination

In this step, select in which file you want to keep your historic track of data.

Either let Sheetgo create a new spreadsheet, or choose an already existing one from inside your cloud storage.

In this case, it makes sense to simply create an extra worksheet in the Historick Stock data Excel file, so I select the same Excel as my data destination.

Append Excel data destination

As you can see on the screenshot above, I have selected the same Excel workbook as my data destination. This means that Sheetgo will automatically create a new worksheet in the same file, to create the historic track of stock data.

Step 4: Enable the Append setting

After that, scroll down to come to the Settings part. Here, simply enable the Append slider button.

Finally, click on Finish and save to create the Append connection in your Excel workbook.

Append Excel - historic track of data

Step 5: Automate the workflow

Your workflow is now set up. Now, select the frequency with which you want the historic track to happen. 

Click on Automate on the floating bar of your workflow, and choose between daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly.

I want to keep track of daily stock prices, so I choose the first option.

Append Excel automatic updates Sheetgo


This is how you use our Append Excel feature and create a historic track of your data.

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