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Google Sheets is a fantastic tool to organize, manage, track and analyze large amounts of data all in one file. Google Sheets offers a range of features that allow for easy collaboration. This allows members across your organization to work on the same spreadsheet at any time and any place. But how can we make the sharing process even more efficient? Sending data from Google Sheets to Gmail automatically would reduce the steps it takes to manually send data to various recipients. With this, you can save time and increase productivity across all of your data projects.

Automatically sending data from Google Sheets to Gmail offers many benefits to your business operations. The Sheetgo web app discovers the dynamic data within your spreadsheets and automatically sends your spreadsheet to your desired recipients. For example, let’s say the Human Resources department needs employees to access the timesheet management data to record working hours. As data is inputted by employees, HR can then simultaneously track this data for their purposes. Using the email data within the spreadsheet, Sheetgo automatically sends the spreadsheet to every employee listed. Furthermore, Sheetgo can do all of this whilst constantly updating the file for the latest insights.

Now that we understand how this feature can be used within your business, let’s explore how you can automatically send data from Google Sheets to Gmail.

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Why send Google Sheets to Gmail?

Gmail has become the most popular email platform in the world, with over 1.8 billion users worldwide. In addition, both Google Sheets and Gmail are products that are part of the Google infrastructure. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to sharing your spreadsheet files. There a number of scenarios where this sharing is vital. For example, collaborating on data-driven projects that need multiple departments working on them simultaneously, or even allowing stakeholders to receive the latest insights into your business performance. The options are endless.

How to send data from Google Sheets to Gmail automatically

The Sheetgo web app has specially designed features that can now automatically send any of your files from Gmail, including Google Sheets. Thanks to Sheetgo’s Gmail integration, you have more control over your Google Sheets features for a more customized experience. Let’s explore in more detail this Gmail integration and how you can use this to automatically send your Google Sheets files wherever you need them.

Sheetgo’s Gmail integration

The Sheetgo Gmail integration allows you to automatically connect your source data to Gmail in just one workflow. For each row of data added, Sheetgo automatically discovers the dynamic data and sends your spreadsheets to the recipient, avoiding any time-consuming manual input.

The Gmail integration within Sheetgo also gives you the ability to customize the way you send your Google Sheets. This includes the type of access recipients have and the exact content of your email. As a result, you have complete control over the accessibility of your Google Sheets files, as well as maintaining constant data transfers from members across your organization.

Now we know the benefits of using Sheetgo’s web app, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process to automatically send data from Google Sheets to Gmail.

How to send data from Google Sheet to Gmail automatically using Sheetgo

Step 1: Sign up for Sheetgo

Sign up for Sheetgo by clicking the blue button.

Simply login with your Google, Dropbox, or Microsoft account.

Step 2: Set up your source file

First of all, you need to make sure your Google Sheets file includes the dynamic data you need in order for Sheetgo to automatically send your spreadsheets.

For example, in our use case, each spreadsheet row is dedicated to an individual, including their full name, employee ID, and email address. This is enough data for Sheetgo to identify every individual recipient to send the spreadsheet to.

Google Sheets to Gmail source file

Step 3: Create workflow

Now that you have the required data on your Google Sheets, it’s time to create your workflow.

In the Sheetgo web app, click on + New workflow first. To then start building your workflow from scratch, select Connect files.

Google Sheets to Gmail new workflow Sheetgo

Step 4: Select your source file

Now we import your Google Sheets file as your source data. Sheetgo gives you the option to choose either an individual file, multiple files, or an entire folder.

For this use case, we will be selecting the Single file option.

Google Sheets to Gmail 2

Now upload the Google Sheets file (in our case the ‘Employee Timesheet 2021’ file) and select the tab where your data is located.

We want to send the Google Sheets to all of the sales department employees. Therefore, we simply select the ‘Sales’ tab.

Once ready, click Continue.

Google Sheets to Gmail 3

Connect, merge, filter or split your spreadsheets

Step 5: Send via Gmail

Now it’s time to connect your files to Gmail. Scroll down to the ‘Share’ section of the workflow and select Email.

Here, you can change the sending method of your spreadsheet as an attachment or access link. If you choose an access link, you can also change the access status of your recipients to ‘Editor’ or ‘Viewer’.

In order for Sheetgo to automatically send out your spreadsheet, click on the Get dynamically from a column option. Select the column containing the email addresses. For this particular example, we’d choose column C.

Google Sheets to Gmail 4

Sheetgo also provides the opportunity to customize your email subject content to fit your needs. Use variable placeholders to personalize each email subject. For example: “I just shared {{filename}} with you using Sheetgo”.

Once this is complete, click Finish and save. Your Google Sheets to Gmail workflow is now set up!

Step 6: Automate your workflow

Schedule automatic data transfers to ensure that Sheetgo automatically sends out an email whenever there’s a new row in your spreadsheet.

With each automatic transfer, the new recipient(s) in your file will then directly receive an email with their document. Do so by clicking Automate in your workflow. Choose your transfer frequency in the Schedule settings window.

Google Sheets to Gmail automatic updates

And there you have it!

Sheetgo now successfully connected your Google Sheets data. Share and send it to your recipients automatically via Gmail. Repeat this process to share another tab or a separate Google Sheets file to other recipients if you like.

Sheetgo saves you time by automatically discovering your dynamic data and sending it to your desired recipients. Furthermore, it also allows you to customize the email and access features to adapt to your specific needs.

For more how-to’s with Sheetgo, take a look at our related articles below.

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