How to create a contract generator in PDF and Gmail

Contract generation is an extremely frequent and important document process that businesses can’t afford to get wrong. Every business has to generate these types of documents on a regular basis, so this process can take a long time when you have to manually create these contracts from scratch.

Using a contract generator is a great solution for your organization that saves you precious time. This means that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Automatically generating contracts in PDF is perfect for businesses that have to create and send out numerous contracts frequently. For example, let’s say your business has a lot of independent contractors to help with individual projects each month.

Rather than manually creating several contracts from scratch, you can automatically add contractors’ data to a contract template and have it ready to send over in a matter of minutes.

Let’s explore in more detail automatic contract generation and how you can automatically generate contracts in PDF.

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Why use a contract generator

Automatically generating contracts not only saves your business time but can also have the following benefits:

  • Eliminates human error: By automatically adding your data to a basic contract template, this generation process completely eliminates any room for human error and ensures that each contract is accurate.
  • Maximum output, minimum effort: With an automatic contract generation process, you will be able to create and share numerous contract documents with your recipients in just a few clicks of a button.
  • Automatic data transfers: Using a self-sufficient app like Sheetgo, your file connections can continually be transferred to automatically create contracts as soon as new data is inputted into your system.

Turning your contract documents into a PDF also has numerous advantages. A PDF version of your contract makes it even easier to share with people within and outside of your organization, due to its optimized portability and universal compatibility.

Now that we understand the endless advantages of automatically generating contracts in PDF, let’s take a look at how you can generate them for your business.

How to automatically generate contracts in PDF

With the Sheetgo app, you can automatically generate multiple contracts from just one source. Sheetgo connects your files into one workflow and automatically generates the documents for you. Moreover, the Sheetgo app also allows you to automatically share your documents via Gmail with your desired recipients. This means that your entire contract generation process begins and ends automatically, in just one workflow.

Before you get started, you will need just two resources. Firstly, you will need a spreadsheets file with your source data. Secondly, a document template containing the content you wish to transfer to each document, which also contains the variable placeholders. You can find out more information about this particular part of the process in our document generation article.

Now that you have everything in place, let’s go through a step-by-step on how to automatically create contracts using Sheetgo.

Step 1: Sign up for Sheetgo

Sign up for Sheetgo by clicking the blue button below.

Use your Google, Dropbox, or Microsoft account to do so.

Step 2: Build your workflow

In the Sheetgo app, select Create workflow.

To start building your workflow, click Connect files.

Contract generator create workflow

Step 3: Select your source file

It’s time to select your source data. This should have the dynamic data that you would like to add to your contract template.

Each new row of data will create a new contract.

Contract generator source file

As you can see, our spreadsheet has all of the data we would want to transfer to the independent contracts.

We will add this to our workflow under the Source data section, making sure the correct file and tab are selected. Then press Continue.

Contract generator select source file

Connect, merge, filter or split your spreadsheets

Step 4: Upload your document template

Now it’s time to add your document template.

Below is our document template, including all of the general information we wish to transfer to each new contract document, as well as the variable placeholders, which Sheetgo will replace with the specific data within our spreadsheet.

Contract generator document template
Now, add this template to the Document feature of the ‘Generate’ section. You can change the document titles to clearly identify each contract. Here: “Contract agreement {{Full Name}} {{Office Location}} 2021”.

Additionally, you can choose whether to add these to a new or existing folder in your Drive.

Once you have finished, press Continue.

Contract generator generate Google Docs

Step 5: Generate contract PDFs

Your source file and template should now be connected. In order to turn these contracts into a PDF, simply select the PDF feature under the ‘Generate’ section and choose a destination for your PDF contracts.

Next, press Continue.

Contract generator generate PDF

Step 6: Share contracts via Gmail

Sheetgo also has a feature that allows you to send these new PDFs to its recipients. Under the ‘Share’ section of your workflow, select Email.

Choose whether you want to share the access link to your files and assign them as a viewer or editor, or simply send them as an email attachment. You can also send the documents to the dynamic recipients within your spreadsheet source file.

For example, to send the contracts to the email addresses within our spreadsheet, we can simply select Column B as our recipients column. Finally, you can customize the subject of the emails to suit your needs.

Once you have completed everything, click Finish and save to save your workflow.

Contract generator send via Gmail

Step 7: Automate your workflow

Go back to the Workflow menu and click on Automate to schedule automatic transfers to your contract generator.

On the automation field, choose with which frequency you’d like Sheetgo to run the workflow and check for any new contracts to be generated and send out.

In this example, we’ve scheduled the workflow to run once a day between 4:00 and 5:00PM, and only on Monday through Friday.

Contract generator automatic updates

In the end, you should have a folder of contracts as Google Docs, a folder of contracts of PDFs, and also emails sent to recipients with the contracts attached.

As your spreadsheet and template are now connected through your workflow, whenever you add new data to the spreadsheet, a new contract document will automatically be created, downloaded as a PDF, and shared via Gmail.

Sheetgo contract generator

And there you have it! An automatic contract generator in PDF is a great way to save your business time whilst keeping track of your various new contracts every month.

The Sheetgo app not only helps generate your documents in just a few clicks but also provides you with the tools to continually create new contracts and share them instantaneously.

To find out more about Sheetgo’s automation capabilities, check out the articles below!

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