How to seamlessly connect spreadsheets in Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to share Excel and CSV files with clients and colleagues seamlessly. Centralize all your content in one place while keeping your company’s data secure. With Sheetgo Dropbox integration you can take cloud collaboration to another level by automating data transfer between spreadsheets in your own custom workflow. Combine data from multiple files, automate reporting, and power dashboards with accurate data.

Sheetgo now makes it possible to connect Excel, CSV, and TSV files, stored in Dropbox, to each other — automatically. 

Follow the steps below to connect spreadsheets in Dropbox with the Sheetgo integration.

Connect Dropbox files

Step 1: Install Sheetgo

Click the blue button below to install Sheetgo. Log in with your Dropbox account.

From inside the Sheetgo web application, you’ll be able to connect one file to the other straight inside your Dropbox.

Step 2: Select your data source

To start, click on Create workflow and then on Connect. First, select your data source (where you want to export data to another file).

This can be an Excel, CSV, or TSV file stored in Dropbox.

Step 3: Choose your data destination

In the next step, you choose your data destination (where you want to send the Excel file to).

Choose an already existing file from inside your Dropbox, or let Sheetgo automatically create a new one for you.

Connect your spreadsheets to your data sources

Step 4: Save the connection

Click on Finish and save. Sheetgo now sends data from one file to the other in your Dropbox.

Step 5: Automate the workflow

To finish, click on Automate on the floating bar of your workflow.

Here you choose the frequency of the automatic updates: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.


This is how you easily and automatically connect Dropbox files to each other. Sheetgo allows you to connect and transform different file types (Google Sheets, Excel, CSV/TSV) from different Cloud storage solutions.

Learn here how to merge Dropbox files.

Connect everything and automate entire business processes

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