Backup data from Excel file to Google Sheets

by May 14, 2020

Gone are the days where we used to store our data on either internal or external storage devices for backup. This is the age of Cloud computing. We can upload the data to the Cloud once and then, access it from any location or device. And that, without having to worry about losing it! Google Sheets is a cloud-based spreadsheets application. Not only can we use it to store the spreadsheets, but we can also open, modify and share the changes with other users. So, can we use it to our advantage to backup data from Excel file to Google Sheets file? Turns out we can, but not so seamlessly.

Why backup data from Excel file to Google Sheets?

Terry works in the warehouse section of a medium-sized mechanical firm. He uses Microsoft Excel to keep track of his inventories. Below is the snapshot of one of the many Excel files that Terry works on.

Sample Data: Product Inventory Excel File

However, as part of their lean organization initiative, his higher management has decided to completely switch to Google Sheets application in a year. Since Terry has time to make the transition, he wants to continue using Excel for his daily needs. But, at the same time, he wishes to backup all his important spreadsheet files onto Google Drive. Including any changes that he may perform on those Excel files.

It can get very challenging to continuously back up data from Excel file to Google Sheets whenever he performs any changes. And with all the other things going on at his job, he’d rather not have to worry about doing this stuff manually. Unfortunately, there is no native Google Sheets function in place that can take care of this for Terry.

Solution: Automate the backup process with Sheetgo

For this use case, the configuration is going to be a simple two-step procedure. Terry will have to:

  1. Install Google’s Backup and sync software and store the Excel file on Google Drive. Note that if you have the Excel file stored on Dropbox, you can immediately access it from inside Sheetgo.
  2. Create a connection between the uploaded Excel file and Google Sheets file, using Sheetgo.

Follow the steps below to see how it works.

Excel Backup File:Configuration Process

Automate the back-up process with Sheetgo

Step 1: Install Sheetgo

Install Sheetgo here. Once inside the web app, click on Connect to create the Append connection between your Excel and Google Sheets file.

Sheetgo’s Append feature allows you to track historical data from any spreadsheet to another sheet.

Step 2: Excel as your data source

From Dropbox

If you have your Excel files stored in Dropbox, you can immediately access them from inside Sheetgo.

Add to Google Drive

If you do not have them stored in Dropbox, follow the steps below to connect them to your Google Drive automatically.

Rather than moving the Excel files to Google Drive manually, one by one, you can automate this process by using Google’s Backup and Sync software.

Just store the Excel files you want to upload in the same folder on your computer, then select this folder to automatically upload to your Drive using Backup and Sync.

Go to Google Drive > Computers > Select folder.

Select the folder containing your Excel files and right-click to add it to your Drive.

You’re now able to easily access your Excel files in Sheetgo, either from inside your Drive or straight from Dropbox.

Search and find the Excel file and its specific tab you want to export to Google Sheets, and add it as your data source.

Step 3: Google Sheets as your data destination

Let Sheetgo create a new Google Sheets file for you, or select an already existing one from inside your Google Drive.

Scroll down a bit and find the Settings. Here, make sure to enable the Append data button.

Finally, click on Finish and save to create the Append connection that will create a historic track of your Excel entries into the Google Sheets file.

Step 4: Automate the workflow

As a result, you now have a workflow in which your Excel data appends in Google Sheets and creates new entries while saving the historical data.

To schedule automatic updates, click on Automate on the floating bar and set the frequency you want this workflow to update with: hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.


This is how you set up an automated system to backup Excel data to Google Sheets with Sheetgo’s Append feature. Read the following post if you want to know how to import filtered data from Excel to Google Sheets.

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