How to easily insert a diagram in Google Sheets

We use Google Sheets predominantly because of its capability to cater to our usual spreadsheet needs. We store data in the form of numbers and text, and then calculate results and identify trends using charts. Apart from being a fantastic platform supporting all these features, it also allows us to draw! Why do we need a drawing in Google Sheets? Probably because we might have to explain a flowchart, or an organization chart or even a simple Venn diagram. In this post, we discuss the procedure to insert a diagram in Google Sheets.

Insert a diagram in Google Sheets

For the purposes of demonstration, let us try to insert a simple flowchart. To trigger the “Drawing” utility, navigate to Insert > Drawing while on the Google Sheets application.

Navigation to Drawing Utility

On doing this, we get an intuitive user interface that is similar to any other drawing tool, such as MS Paint. We have options such as lines, shapes, text box, word art, and even an image.

how to make a diagram in google sheets 2

For this example flowchart, I’m going to use a few shapes, text boxes and connectors and link them in such a way that they convey a meaning full process. Please note that we can add text to the shapes just so we know what each shape in the flow is for.

How to Make a Diagram in Google Sheets: True False Condition With Shapes

Once done, we click on the Save & Close button, to have the image appear on the spreadsheet real estate, as shown in the image below. We can reposition and resize the diagram as per our need.

More often than not, we may need to edit the diagram we created. We can do so by clicking on the image, then on the three vertical dots (at the top right corner of the diagram), and choose the Edit option.

Insert Drawing: Navigation to Edit in Google Sheets

Doing so will take us back to the Drawing editor, and we can accordingly make necessary changes and then click Save & Close. Read through the following blog post to learn how to insert a chart in Google Sheets.

Insert a diagram in Google Sheets

And there you go! That is how you insert a diagram in Google Sheets

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