Sheetgo’s invoicing solution helps you organize and track invoices from multiple suppliers. Invoices are received through many sources so it is easy to lose track of them. Therefore, it can be difficult to control all invoices when they are scattered all over the place. Additionally, not having all invoices in one organized place makes it difficult to separate the paid invoices from the yet to be paid invoices. Organizing this is very time-consuming! With this new solution, organizing your invoices and supplier info has never been easier! Your invoices along with your suppliers will be stored together in one clear overview. You’ll be able to adjust the status of your paid/yet to be paid documents. When an invoice is paid, the supplier will be automatically notified through email!

Components of this system:

Invoices Registration Form
Suppliers Registration Form
Invoice Database
Supplier Database
Invoices Dashboard
Sheetgo Application
Automated Payment Confirmation Email

Getting Started

If you already have a Google (G Suite) account the only thing you’ll need to install is Sheetgo to enable you to connect data in your spreadsheets. Click here to install the add-on for Google Sheets.


The image below shows how the solution works. By filling in the ‘Supplier Registration Form’ the ‘Supplier Database’ will be filled. By using dynamic drop downs once you have filled in the name of a supplier, their name will automatically appear in the dropdown list in the ‘Invoices Registration Form’. The ‘Invoices Registration Form’ should be filled in with the information shown on the invoice. The ‘Supplier Database’ and the ‘Invoice Database’ are linked and together they will form the ‘Invoices Dashboard’. In the ‘Invoices Dashboard,’ you’ll see an overview with all your invoices, due dates, invoice status etc..

How to create the system

(Note that the templates are filled with dummy data you should delete once created) Step 1: Click here and then click “Make a Copy” to create your copy of the database. Step 2: Rename the spreadsheet. Step 3: After approx 30 seconds a button called ‘Suppliers’ will appear. Click on it, then click on ‘Create Solution System’. Step 4: The script will prompt you for authorization to run. Once you’ve granted it permission the documents and links will be created and you can begin to use your database. Inside your Google Drive, there should now be a folder with the name ‘Sheetgo Suppliers System’. (since this solution has not been verified yet by Google, you will receive this warning message. Using this solution is not harmful. To continue using this solution click on ‘Advanced’ > scroll down > click on ‘Go to Supplier Invoice Script (unsafe) > and authorize the solution). This warning will pop up every time a script needs to run. Inside this folder, you can find the following documents: (Note that the ‘Invoice submission folder’ is not present at first. This will be explained further in the ‘Register Invoices’ paragraph).

Register Suppliers

Step 1: Within the ‘Supplier Database’, click on ‘Form’ > ‘Go to live form’ Step 2: fill in the suppliers’ information such as company name, bank account number etc.. When the form is filled in and submitted, the ‘Supplier Database’ will be automatically updated and should look like this: (Note: filling in the ‘Supplier Registration Form’ will add the company’s name in the dynamic dropdown list in the ‘Invoices Registration Form’. There are more columns but for the convenience, they were left out). Step 3: Click on ‘Suppliers’ > ‘update Supplier Form’ (now the new entries will be automatically updated to the dynamic dropdown list within the ‘Invoice Registration Form’.

Register Invoices

Step 1: Open you Supplier Database and Click on ‘Form -> Go to live form’ (notice that the name of the supplier is now in the dynamic dropdown). Step 2: Click on ‘Restore’ (a message will pop up saying a folder is missing and needs to be restored). Step 3: Complete the ‘Invoices Registration Form’ (the supplier has to fill in the invoice details and attach the invoice as a PDF). Using the ‘Description of the invoice’ column makes it much easier to find a certain invoice. In the ‘Invoices Registration Form’, you could fill in ‘Subscription’.

Create a link between the databases and dashboard

Step 1: Via the menu ‘add-ons’, open Sheetgo Step 2: Login with your Google account Step 3: Create a link between the ‘Data entry’ tab from both the ‘Invoice database’ and ‘Supplier database’ with the ‘Suppliers Invoices Dashboard’. This goes as follows: Step 3.1: Click on the green ‘plus symbol’ Step 3.2: Click on ‘Select File(s)’ > Select your ‘Sheetgo supplier’s system folder’ > Select Supplier Database (make sure the tab ‘Data entry is selected’) >Click on ‘Settings’ and rename the connection identical to the tab name, so in this case ‘Suppliers database’. The connection between the Suppliers database and the Suppliers Invoice dashboard is now created. It will instantly update and show the submitted entries. Step 4: Repeat step 3 completely to create the link between the ‘Invoice database’ and the ‘Received invoices’ tab. Remember to rename the connection identical to the tab name so now it will be ‘Received invoices’.

How to use the ‘Dashboard’

Your starting ‘dashboard’ will initially look like this (when the dummy data is deleted and your own information is inserted, this will change automatically): Both databases, the ‘Invoice Database’ and ‘Supplier Database’, are connected to the ‘Suppliers Invoices Dashboard’ as you created the links and thus can now be updated. In the tab ‘Invoices Status’ you can see all invoices and information regarding that invoice.

Invoices status tab

First of all, remove the dummy data. This is only to show how the dashboard could look like if there are invoice submissions. The invoices status tab shows the submitted invoice entries. Column H, I and J must be filled in manually. Once the invoice is paid, you set the status to ‘Paid’. Include the amount paid and the payment date. Now you can notify your supplier about the paid invoice.

Send a confirmation email for paid invoices

If an invoice is paid, you can send a payment confirmation email to notify the supplier that the invoice has been paid. To do so, open the tab ‘Invoices paid’ using the ‘all sheets’ button. Every invoice with the status ‘Paid’ will appear here. Now click on the ‘Suppliers’ menu and select ‘send confirmation paid email’. ‘TRUE’ will appear in column ‘M’ when an invoice is paid. Only when a cell is blank a confirmation email will be sent. If you want to alter the text of the confirmation mail open the ‘Email data’ tab using the ‘All sheets’ button. Remember that if you want to show name, currency or amount to put ‘%’ before and after. If you don’t want to show it, you can delete it. Using HTML code is possible.

Congratulations on your very own invoice system!

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