How to create an invoice generator

Written by Valentine Schelstraete

Jun 12, 2018


At Sheetgo we have a database of paid clients in Google Sheets and we need to send them invoices. Pretty soon after launching we realized this would be a monumental task to do manually and the existing software out there did not meet our needs. We created this Invoice Generator to automatically generate PDF invoices based on data in Google Sheets. See below for more info on how to configure and use.

How to configure

Below are the step by step instructions to configure the template:

Step 1. Create a copy of the template

Create a copy of our Invoice Generator Template at this link. Now the files are saved to your Google Drive and the Invoice Data spreadsheet is automatically opened.

Step 2. Install the solution

Inside the spreadsheet, on the instruction tab, simply follow the instructions provided. First, click on Install Solution to configure your Invoice Generator Template. You will need to authorize the script to run and log in using your Google account.

Invoice Generator

Step 3. Authorize Sheetgo

A security warning will say that the app is not authorized because this Invoice Generator system is yet to be fully recognized by Google. To still make use of our template, you simply have to click on Advanced and then Go to Invoice Generator (unsafe). Doing so will also trigger the Google Accounts Team to send you an email to make sure you are aware of the authorization. We assure you that this will not violate any privacy rights, these are basic Google security precautions. After authorizing Sheetgo, the script will run and install the solution successfully.

Invoice Generator: Authorize Sheetgo

Step 4. Fill out the Invoice document with your own data

Open the Invoice folder that has been created inside your Google Drive by clicking the link on the instruction tab. Open the Invoice Template document, add your logo and your company data anywhere you see these brackets ‘< >’ (see on the image below), the words/values contained between the percent symbols (%) will be automatically substituted based on the data in the spreadsheet.

Step 5. Add your invoices to the template

Back inside the Invoice data spreadsheet, follow the next step and thus go to the Data tab to overwrite the dummy data and add your invoices.

Invoice Generator

Step 6. Generate your invoices

To generate the Invoice PDFs, go to the spreadsheet Menu bar Invoice Generator -> Generate Invoices. Your invoice PDFs are now automatically created in the Invoice Folder inside your Google Drive.

How to create an Invoice Generator: Example of An Filled Invoice
How to create an Invoice Generator: Example of An Filled Invoice

Congrats! 🙂

You just set up your own Invoice Generator. Go through the following blog post if you are interested in other finance workflow templates such as an Expense tracker in Google Sheets.

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