What is cash flow management?

Simply put, cash flow is the money going in and out of a business. Think payments, expenses, invoicing, etc. Cash flow management is the careful tracking and analysis of these transactions. There’s no dispute that finances are best tracked in a spreadsheet. You could track cash flow in a static spreadsheet, but this requires a lot of manual work and manipulation when what you really want is a system that makes visualizing and reporting financial data a breeze.

Use spreadsheets to manage cash flow

At Sheetgo, we commit to developing applicable solutions for your business. We don’t just provide you with our spreadsheet enhancing add-on, and leave you to it, we provide you with the same real-life solutions that we use ourselves! We created a cash flow template to use as the main tool for managing finances from day to day. The Sheetgo cash flow template for Google Sheets is not just a static template with pretty fonts and colors. It’s a dynamic, automated cash flow management system based on Google Sheets. Our system includes a Payments and a Receipts spreadsheet which connect to a third Cash flow spreadsheet. These three spreadsheets are connected using Sheetgo to automatically update the data that flows between them. Take a look at the diagram below to understand how our system works:

Cash Flow Template: Icons of Worklow and Connections

Follow the steps in this simple tutorial to have a single tab in your cash flow sheet. This tab summarizes monthly revenue and costs, which are then summed to your monthly cash movement and bank balance. A simple graphic shows this information and therefore allows you to see these variables on a daily basis. On top of that, you can include that data on a Google Site portal or report for management and investors.

Example: Bar Chart Showing Cash Flow in 2017

Let’s get you started

Step 1. Install the template

Use the button below and install the Cash flow template. Login using your Google account and simultaneously make sure your Google Sheets are available.  At the same time, we create your Sheetgo account. You need to have Sheetgo enabled on your Google Sheets account to use this template.

After logging in, click on the ‘Use template‘ button to configure the Cash flow template. Sheetgo automatically creates the system by connecting the 3 spreadsheets called “Payments“, “Receipts” and “Cash Flow“ and installs them into your Google Drive.


Cashflow Template Overview on Sheetgo Webapp

Step 2. Open all spreadsheets

Once configured, you will see the Network View that exactly shows how the system is designed. To use the template, click on all the spreadsheet icons to open the two input spreadsheets “Payments” and “Receipts”, and the master spreadsheet “Cash Flow”


Cashflow Template Workflow and Connections on Sheetgo Webapp

Step 3. Fill out the input spreadsheets

In each of these spreadsheets, you find two different tabs. One with instructions and one with sample data we provided for your payments and receipts. Overwrite this sample data with your own information.


Input Spreadsheets of Cashflow Template

Step 4. Configure the Cash flow template

Once you filled out your payments and receipts, go back to the Sheetgo Web Application to update the connections in place. This automatically brings the data inside your “Cash Flow” master file. Let’s break down the components of this spreadsheet, with which you can easily monitor your cash balance:

  • Instructions
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Monthly Cash Flow Chart
  • Receivables Analysis
  • Payables Analysis
  • Receipts
  • Payments


Dashboard of Cashflow Template

Congrats! 🙂

You configured your Google Sheets cash flow template. Feel free to adapt it as you see fit to meet the needs of your business. If you have had difficulties making this template work, please chat with us using the bubble on the right below and we will be happy to assist you with setting it up.

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