Cash flow template in Google Sheets

by Sep 10, 2019

What is cash flow management?

Simply put, cash flow is the money going in and out of a business. Think payments, expenses, invoicing and so on. Cash flow management is the careful tracking and analysis of these transactions. Keeping an eye on your cash flow is essential for making business decisions and planning ahead. If you don’t monitor cash flow, your business can unexpectedly run out of money due to a sudden change in your income (receipts) or outgoings (payments). Perhaps a major client is late paying their invoice and – during the same month – your office overheads suddenly increase, for example. Having a readily accessible overview of your cash flow can help you avoid nasty surprises. Here we will show you how to do that, for free, using a simple cash flow template in Google Sheets.

Using a spreadsheet to manage cash flow

There’s no doubt that finances are best tracked in a spreadsheet – and in fact, a simple spreadsheet is all you need to monitor your cash flow. A cash flow template can help you to do this, quickly and easily, by yourself.

No accountancy skills or special software required.

We’ve created a free cash flow template in Google Sheets to help you do this. With the template you can:

  1. Monitor your monthly cash flow – at a glance
  2. Record and track payments (completed and scheduled)
  3. Insert receipts (received and scheduled) to record and track revenue
  4. Visualize your cash flow in a hover graph – mouse over to view

In one single spreadsheet.

Using our ready-made, standalone template you just enter the data, and our spreadsheet does the work. Easy. We’ve already written the formulas for you.

  • Free Sheetgo standalone cash flow template
  • No need for an accountant or special software
  • Easy to use – in Google Sheets

What do I need?

We’ve created a free cash flow template for you in Google Sheets so you all you need is a Google account. It’s completely free.

How do I get the template?

  • Click on the button below to get a copy of the free cash flow template.
  • The template is saved to your Google Drive and it opens automatically.

How do I use the cash flow template?

Great, so you’ve got the template – now it’s time to start filling it out. It’s ready-to-use so you can start entering your data straight away.

Step 1:

Enter your outgoings (costs/payments) in the Payments tab.

Step 2:

Enter your receipts (revenues/money coming in) in the Receipts tab.

Step 3:

View your monthly cash flow in the Monthly Cash Flow Chart tab.

That’s it!

Your cash flow monitor is up and running. You now have a simple and clear overview of your cash flow, month-to-month. Check out the other tabs for an individual analysis of your payments, receipts, and cash flow.

Working in a team and using lots of spreadsheets?

Try connecting spreadsheets with Sheetgo

Do you need a more collaborative solution? Do individual colleagues handle payments and receipts? No problem – you can expand this template by using the Sheetgo finance workflow to streamline and separate tasks. Connect your colleagues’ spreadsheets to one centralized cash flow master sheet. View payments and receipts from multiple departments – all in one place.

Spreadsheets are a brilliant, universal tool for managing cash flow – everyone has free access to spreadsheets and they’re easy to use. But they rely on time-consuming manual work and copy/pasting can lead to errors. Imagine if your spreadsheets could “talk to each other”…

With Sheetgo, they can.

You can use Sheetgo to automate your spreadsheet workflows. This means you can:

  • Create workflows by connecting different spreadsheets
  • Import data from multiple spreadsheets into one master sheet
  • Collaborate in teams
  • Get automated updates
  • Save time
  • Reduce manual errors

Connect different spreadsheets in a cash flow workflow

Try the Sheetgo automated Cash flow workflow – and connect your finance department to be a streamlined process. Sheetgo connects spreadsheets from other colleagues, teams or departments (input spreadsheets) – directly to your master file (the destination spreadsheet). This means you can monitor the overall cash flow of your company in one master sheet, with payments and receipts data flowing in automatically from other spreadsheets.

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