Top 5 free finance templates in Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are great ways to keep track of finances. Whether it’s a home or business budget, tracking stocks and investments, or managing payments and invoices—using a spreadsheet can help you keep it all organized. If you are not a spreadsheet expert, it can be hard to design a data structure that makes sense. It is important to structure data in a way makes it easy for users to manage and monitor. If you are not sure where to start when creating spreadsheets for finance, you can try using a template. Use finance templates exactly how they come, or customize them to fit the way you work. Let’s take a look at the best templates:

Income statement workflow template from Sheetgo

If you are looking for a way to easily monitor your profit and loss statement, try this ready-to-use, spreadsheet-based Income statement template in Google Sheets. Please note that this is not a regular template, but a template of connected spreadsheets.

Get the template here: Income statement workflow template

If you need further instructions on how to use a spreadsheet-based workflow, check out this post on how that works.

Top 5 Free Google Sheets Finance Templates Income Statement 2

Stock Portfolio Tracking Template

This multi-page template by OldSchoolValue is perfect for tracking a stock portfolio. You can monitor transactions like purchases, sales, dividend, and stock splits, monitor your stocks in a portfolio, and manage and consolidate data. To get this spreadsheet and start tracking your investments click here and the template will open in Google Sheets. It will be View Only. You will need to click File  Make a copy to make your own copy and get started.

OldSchoolValue: Stock Portfolio Tracking Template
Finance Templates: Stock Portfolio Tracking

Department Budget Template

Here is a simple finance department budget template that you can use to get started tracking current and previous year finances for your business. Plug in numbers for last year and the current year, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the percentage difference. Change the item names or delete to customize this template.


Smartsheet: Department Budget Template

Template Gallery Add-on:

Vertex42 creates great Excel tutorials and templates. You no longer have to try and import the templates from Excel to Sheets, or worse, try to recreate them yourself. Vertex42 created a Google Sheets add-on called Template Gallery and it is awesome. There are a TON of templates available through this add-on that aregreat for personal and professional finances. Note that this is different than the gallery described above, it is an add-on.

You no longer have to search around the internet for templates, you can access them all right from inside Google Sheets add-ons manager. To get templates first you will have to get the add-on. Then click Add-ons → Template Gallery → Browse Templates. A box will open with many different templates you can try.  Choose one you like and then click Copy to Drive, then Open File. Click through the different tabs in the sheet to explore the functions of this template and learn how to use it. Below are a few great financial templates for startup businesses.

Finance Templates: Vertex42 Template Gallery
Finance Templates in Google Sheets: Business Startup Costs

Two Versions of a Stock Portfolio With Dividends

NoMoreWaffles created another great template for managing investments. They use the GOOGLEFINANCE function to update real-time information about the stock market. This blog post by Reinis Fischer gives detailed instructions on how to use that template and also provides a simplified version for those of us that want simple solutions to managing finance. When you open a Google Sheets template, it will be View Only. You will need to click File  Make a copy to make your own copy and get started.

Investment Management Template

There you go, our Top Free Google Sheets Finance Templates. Enjoy reading more about each one of them and finding the perfect fit for you personally.

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