Top 10 Google Sheets Add-ons for Reporting

Creating manual reports within spreadsheets can be a long and tedious process. With large quantities of data and constant updates, it’s difficult to create high-quality reports that are accurate, accessible, and up-to-date. So how can we avoid these issues? Google Sheets add-ons for reporting are fantastic alternatives to creating reports within any business, making this process more efficient and streamlined than ever.

Let’s take a closer look at Google Sheets add-ons and our top 10 Google Sheets add-ons for reporting.

Why use Google Sheets add-ons for reporting?

Google Sheets add-ons use powerful, third-party tools to bring you a variety of solutions to boost the functionality of Google Sheets.

Each tool offers a range of unique, innovative features that will help you carry out several reporting processes. These include data accumulation, analysis, verification, interpretation, and forecasting.

The result? An effective representation of your data that is carried out quickly and efficiently, saving your organization precious time.

How to access add-ons in Google Sheets

It’s extremely easy to access reporting add-ons in Google Sheets. Although you can search and download add-ons in the Google Workspace Marketplace, an even easier way to access the Google Sheets add-ons is by following the steps below:

  1. Open a spreadsheet on Google Sheets
  2. In the navigation menu, click on Add-ons
  3. Select Get add-ons
  4. A window will pop up where you can search or browse for the add-ons you want
  5. Click on your desired add-on to find out more information
  6. To install the add-on click the Install button

add-ons for reporting 1

Top 10 Google Sheets add-on for reporting

1. Sheetgo

Sheetgo allows you to automate your entire organization’s reporting processes by connecting your workflows.

Teams across your organization can import, filter and share numerous pieces of data ready to create custom reports. Sheetgo also offers ready-made workflow templates and provides automatic updates for rapid, up-to-date reporting.

Furthermore, create your own custom workflow systems to create more in-depth insights through data integration. You will be able to create clear, customizable reports in just a few clicks of a button.

Get the add-on here: Sheetgo

add-ons for reporting 2 Sheetgo

2. Document studio

Looking to save time with ready-made templates for your reports? Document Studio is a document generation tool that pulls data from your Google Sheets into ready-made documents.

Its ‘Mail Merge’ feature allows you to easily share your reports via email to your colleagues for optimized communication and collaboration.

This is a great add-on for various departments such as finance, where work processes involve a lot of repetitive documents with cohesive formatting.

Get the add-on here: Document Studio add-on
add-ons for reporting 3 Document Studio

3. Solve for Google Sheets

Solve is a report builder that directly grabs data from your Solve CRM database for swift sales report generation. Solve offers reports for sale pipeline, sales funnel, sales team performance, and quarterly sales.

This is an excellent tool for sales department members looking for an all-in-one tool with an intuitive interface and powerful custom features.

Get the add-on here: Solve for Google Sheets add-on
add-ons for reporting 4 Solve for Google Sheets

4. Time Study – BPI Tools

Time Study is a tool for Business Process Improvement in which you can easily import times into your sheets for reporting purposes.

You can use this add-on for invoicing, timesheet reporting, and measuring general tasks. Time Study then transfers your data into clear, visual reports ready to be used instantly.

This add-on also offers a variety of reporting formats, which is great for accessibility when sharing amongst departments within your organization.

Get the add-on here: Time Study – BPI Tools add-on
add-ons for reporting 5. Time Study BPI Tools

5. Table Styles

Table Styles is a Google Sheets add-on that applies formats to tables in your spreadsheet for an optimal visual representation of data.

With flexible and customizable features, Table Styles allows you to implement your company colours and fonts for custom, professional reporting.

This easy-to-use add-on also comes with ready-made templates for your tables to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Get the add-on here: Table Styles add-on
add-ons for reporting 6 Table Styles

6. Awesome Table

Awesome Table is another add-on that formats numerous sets of your data. This tool offers various visualization formats, including catalogs, Google Maps, Gantt charts, and org charts.

It’s also compatible with web features, so you can fully develop your reporting style.

Finally, you can embed your Awesome Table on any site, from Wix to Microsoft Teams, offering great variety and accessibility overall.

Get the add-on here: Awesome Table add-on
add-ons for reporting 7 Awesome Table

7. Reports4Hangouts

Reports4Hangouts is a great add-on for any G Suite administrator that manages the activity of hangouts within its users.

Through this tool, you can track and trace every hangout, duration, and number of members. This is great for analyzing employee attendance, sales calls, etc., which are clearly in a trend report for your monitoring.

Get the add-on here: Reports4Hangouts add-on
add-ons for reporting 8 Reports4Hangouts

8. EzPanel

Need a more effective way to organize your Google apps admin tasks? EzPanel takes all admin tasks away from the admin console and lets you perform everything straight from your spreadsheet.

From here, you can create users, manage third-party apps and perform other bulk actions. EzPanel also allows you to generate reports about your Google Apps domain.

Get the add-on here: EzPanel add-on
add-ons for reporting 9 EzPanel

9. Supermetrics

Streamline your marketing reports with Supermetrics. Easily pull marketing data into Google Sheets, to create a variety of reports. From advertising to web analytics, you can build custom reports and schedule automatic updates for the latest insights.

Furthermore, Supermetrics allows you to connect up to 80 online marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Analytics so you have everything you need in one place.

Get the add-on here: Supermetrics add-on
add-ons for reporting 10 Supermetrics

10. CryptoReports

As Cryptocurrency is becoming ever more popular, CryptoReports is a fantastic portfolio manager to organize all of your crypto-related reporting.

Simply import your wallet to manage cryptocurrency exchanges and calculate your crypto taxes. Create in-depth, custom CSV reports from Capital Gains to Profit and Loss for an overall solution to understanding your cryptocurrencies.

Get the add-on here: CryptoReports add-on
add-ons for reporting 11 CryptoReports

Who knew reporting could be so streamlined? Using Google Sheets add-ons is the most efficient way to create high-quality reports while saving your company precious time.

If you’re looking for financial reporting templates instead, check out these Google Sheets templates: budget vs actual, income statement, expense tracker, business unit, and cash flow.

Editor’s note: This is a revised version of a previous post that has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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