How to get stock data on Google Sheets using Wisesheets

Managing and analyzing stock data can be a complex task, but with the Wisesheets Google Sheets add-on, it becomes significantly easier. This powerful tool allows users to retrieve and analyze stock data directly within their spreadsheets, saving time and effort. 

Whether you need financial statements, key metrics, live price data, dividend data, historical price data, or even ETF and fund information, Wisesheets provides a range of functions to meet your needs. In this article, we will explore how to effectively use the Wisesheets add-on to retrieve and analyze stock data, along with practical examples and tips.

Years of financial statements in seconds

One of the standout features of Wisesheets is the Statement Dump functionality, which provides users with a comprehensive overview of a company’s financials. By simply selecting the Statement Dump option, users can retrieve income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, key metrics, and growth metrics annually or quarterly, all directly onto their spreadsheets. This feature offers immense value by allowing users to access up to 19 years of data or 72 quarters, depending on their preference.

The ability to obtain financial statements in a standardized format or as reported to the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) provides flexibility for users. By selecting the SEC as reported financials option, users can choose between annual or quarterly data, depending on their analysis requirements. It is important to note that this option is only applicable to companies that report to the SEC.

Utilizing Prebuilt Stock Analysis Templates:

To further expedite your analysis process, Wisesheets offers prebuilt stock analysis templates that have been created by the community of users and developers. These templates cover various analysis models, including discounted cash flow (DCF), stock trackers, analysis dashboards, and more.

They leverage the functions described below to provide you with all the data you need for different types of analysis.

To download and modify these templates, you can navigate to the Wise Templates menu within the add-on. From there, you can browse the available selection of templates, upvote or downvote them, and even upload your own templates.

Once you download a template, you can make changes and tailor it to your specific analysis requirements. By leveraging these prebuilt templates, you can kickstart your analysis and save valuable time by avoiding the need to create complex spreadsheets from scratch.

Retrieving specific financial and fundamental data

Wisesheets offers a powerful function called WISE that enables users to retrieve financials, key metrics, revenue segments, analyst estimates, and more. The syntax for the WISE function is as follows:

=WISE(“ticker”, “parameter/s”, “period/s”, [“quarter”])

Let’s look at a few examples to better understand the usage of the WISE function:

To retrieve the Return on Equity (ROE) for Apple Inc. for the trailing twelve months, you can use the following function:


WISEPRICE Function for Live and Historical Price Data

Another valuable function provided by Wisesheets is WISEPRICE, which allows users to retrieve live price data, historical price data, dividend payment information, and more. The syntax for the WISEPRICE function is as follows:

=WISEPRICE(“ticker/s”, “parameter/s”, number of days to end, “start date”, “end date”)

Let’s explore a few examples of the WISEPRICE function:

To retrieve the live price for Tesla Inc., the function would be:


To retrieve the closing price for Apple Inc. from January 1, 2022, to January 30, 2022, the function would be:

=WISEPRICE(“AAPL”, “Close”,,”01/01/2022″, “01/30/2022”)

To retrieve the opening price for Amazon Inc. for the last two days, the function would be:

=WISEPRICE(“AMZN”, “Open”, 2)

Using the WISEPRICE function, you can obtain real-time price data, historical price data, and even analyze dividend payment history for stocks and ETFs.

ETF/Fund Data Retrieval with WISEFUNDS Function:

Wisesheets also offers the WISEFUNDS function, which specializes in retrieving ETF and fund data. This function provides information such as expense ratios, net asset value (NAV), assets under management (AUM), and more. The syntax for the WISEFUNDS function is as follows:

=WISEFUNDS(“ticker”, “parameter/s”)

Here are a few examples of valid WISEFUNDS function calls:

To retrieve the expense ratio for the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY), the function would be:

=WISEFUNDS(“SPY”,”Expense Ratio”)

To retrieve the NAV for the iShares MSCI Global Metals & Mining Producers ETF (PICK), the function would be:


By using the WISEFUNDS function, you can easily access essential data for ETFs and funds, allowing for comprehensive analysis and informed investment decisions.

Analyzing Dividend Data with Wisesheets

Wisesheets provides convenient functions to retrieve dividend data for stocks and funds, allowing for thorough analysis of dividend payments. Here are examples of how to retrieve dividend data using the WISEPRICE function:

To obtain the dividend data for Apple Inc., use the following function:

=WISEPRICE(“AAPL”, “Dividend”)

This function will provide the ex-date, dividend amount, adjusted dividend, payment date, and declaration date for Apple’s dividends.

If you want to retrieve dividend data for a specific date range, such as from January 1, 2019, to January 10, 2019, for Apple Inc., use the following function:

=WISEPRICE(“AAPL”, “Dividend”, , “01/01/2019”, “01/10/2019”)

This function will give you the dividend data for Amazon within the specified date range.

By utilizing these functions, you can easily analyze dividend payment history, track dividend amounts over time, and incorporate dividend data into your investment analysis.


The Wisesheets Google Sheets add-on empowers users to retrieve and analyze stock data efficiently. Whether you need financial statements, key metrics, live price data, dividend data, historical price data, or ETF and fund information, Wisesheets provides a range of functions to suit your needs. 

By leveraging the WISE, WISEPRICE, and WISEFUNDS functions, you can retrieve data for specific parameters, periods, and tickers, making it easier to build custom analysis models. Furthermore, the availability of prebuilt stock analysis templates allows for faster analysis and customization. 

With Wisesheets, analyzing stock data becomes practical, accessible, and time-saving, enabling informed investment decisions.

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