How can G Suite help my finance department?

The G Suite is changing the way we communicate and collaborate. People across various industries are finding the G Suite contains the perfect set of tools for business, education, or finance. Today we are going to talk about the role of G Suite in the finance department, and how it can help you streamline operations and work smarter.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a powerful set of cloud-based tools, some of you will already be familiar with. Such as Gmail, Calendar, and Google Docs. The G Suite also includes Google Forms and Sites. When used creatively, these tools can transform a finance department. Let’s look at some of the different tools and how finance departments are using them to improve their processes.

Transform The Way You Operate

Financial processes are all about efficiency and accuracy. The financial department is the backbone of the company and touches every aspect of the business. From invoicing, payments, and payroll, to complicated financial reports that mold the strategy of a company, the finance department is important.
Here are some ways to use G Suite to help your financial department.

Visually Display Data

  • Use Sheets to display charts and tables: Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet tool that is more than just columns and rows. Google has developed smart features that will help you display and analyze data easily. You can use the Explore feature to create visual graphs of your data or create Pivot tables to have manual control over how you summarize and scrutinize your data.
  • Use a Sheets add-on to connect data sources or create a data dashboard: Sheets add-ons are third-party apps that increase the capabilities of Sheets. Sheetgo was created to change the way we connect data. Check out these great add-ons for finance.
  • Use Google Sites to create an internal website: Google Sites is an intuitive, easy to use website building platform. Many finance departments use Sites to build internal information systems. Use Sites to display financial reports or budgets.

Collaborate On Documents

With Google Docs you can collaborate on proposals and projects. What is great about Docs is it keeps a record of every change and comment, and who made it. This allows you to collaborate clearly and efficiently. You can give users different permissions, such as the permission to edit, comment, or only view.

Create Surveys

Use Google Forms to create powerful surveys that can be used internally or externally.

  • Gather data from your team internally: Using Google Forms is a great way to gather information from your staff. Google Forms has great analytical tools that will allow you to summarize the information strategically.
  • Send out external surveys: If you have clients, you can create surveys to better serve them. Create questionnaires before a project to better assess their needs, or during to assess the milestones of a project.

Use Google Sheets to Organize Financial Information

You can use Google Sheets to organize and process financial information. Finance departments no longer have to use clunky software for things like invoices or expense reports. There are many add-ons they can make creating financial reports or managing invoices and payments a breeze. Since Sheets is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, you can access your information from anywhere.

Stay Secure

Your data is highly secure with Google. G Suite is a highly-secure cloud-service with enterprise-level security and data loss protection. You can request extra security like 2-step authentication and advanced administrative controls. It is important to know your information is safe and secure, and with Google, you know you are protected by advanced technology and security.

Get Everyone On Board

If you haven’t switched over to G Suite for Finance yet —Good News!—it’s easy. But, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place before switching over. Sometimes, people can be resistant to change, so having everyone on board is a good idea. Provide examples of how using the G Suite will help your finance department, and provide access to training so that using a new toolset doesn’t seem like a daunting task. Google provides a whole learning center with tutorials and tips based on project type or role in the department.

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