Student attendance tracker template in Google Sheets

by Sep 18, 2019

Busy teachers—this one’s for you! Every school or college teacher can name a couple of students who regularly skip class. But when you want to analyze student attendance in detail, you need something better than your memory and a stack of old-fashioned paper attendance lists. You don’t need to buy any special software. In this post we’ll show you how to create an effective student attendance tracking system using the everyday tool you already know: spreadsheets. To make it even easier for you, we’ve created a free student attendance tracker template in Google Sheets.

Why use a Google Sheets template to create a student attendance tracker?

Our template offers an

  • Easy way for teachers to take roll
  • Automated overview of attendance over the year
  • Option to record if students are tardy (late for class) or excused
  • Automatic attendance checker informs teachers if attendance was recorded or not
  • Safe and simple storage of data in Google Drive

All in one simple spreadsheet—no more paper!

What do I need?

We’ve created the template for you in Google Sheets, so you all you need is a Google account. It’s completely free.

Using this standalone template, you just enter students’ attendance and our spreadsheet does the work. Easy. We’ve written the formulas for you.

  • Free Sheetgo standalone student attendance tracker template
  • No need for special software
  • Easy to use—in Google Sheets

How do I use the template?

Our free student attendance tracker template is ready-to-use so you can start entering your data straight away. You will find instructions in the first tab of the spreadsheet but we’ll outline them here too.

The template is designed to track the attendance of one class for one school year.

Step 1:

Change the name of the spreadsheet to the name of the class, e.g. 7.B.

In the Instructions tab, enter the names of all students in the class under Inputs.  Enter the year.

Step 2:

There is an orange-colored tab for each month of the academic year.

Open the first tab to take a look. You will see a list of all students on the vertical, and the days of the month on the horizontal.

Step 3:

Use the drop down arrows under each day to select whether the student was present (P) tardy/late (T) excused (E) or unexcused (U).

The spreadsheet will automatically tell you if you’ve missed a student. In row 2 you will see a ✅ if the attendance is complete, or 🔴 if it’s incomplete.

Step 4: 

If you scroll to the right in your spreadsheet, you will see three black tabs: Overview per Student, Overview per Month and Attendance Complete Check.

These are automated results created by the template. You can quickly and easily check the attendance rates of individual students and look at the attendance of the whole class, month-to-month. The Attendance Complete Check tab shows you if you missed a day.


Your student attendance tracker is up and running. You’ve got an easy way to take roll and an overview of your students’ attendance over the course of the year.

Are you are school administrator?

If you’re managing a team of teachers this could mean a lot of attendance spreadsheets to collect and analyze.

Spreadsheets are a brilliant, universal tool for managing your school: everyone has access to spreadsheets and they’re easy to use. But they rely on time-consuming manual work and copy/pasting can lead to errors. Imagine if your spreadsheets could “talk to each other”…

Import data from your teachers’ attendance spreadsheets automatically with Sheetgo

Sheetgo is a connection tool for spreadsheets in Google Sheets. Sheetgo powers connections between them—this allows data to flow from one to the other, in an automated system. If you can use spreadsheets, you can use Sheetgo to automate your workflows. This means you can:

  • Get data from your teachers’ attendance trackers sent straight into your mastersheet—automatically!
  • Save time on manual work and analysis
  • Reduce copy/paste errors
  • Give each teacher their own class spreadsheets(s) to fill out 
Student Attendance Tracker in Google Sheets: Workflow Diagram

How to create an automated attendance tracking system in your school

Step 1:

Install the Sheetgo add-on.

Step 2:

Make a copy of this attendance management master sheet.

It’s another, ready-to-use template in Google Sheets.

Step 3:

Check out the Instructions tab: you’ve got step-by-step guidance there but we’ll go through everything again here.

Step 4:

Make copies of the original standalone template (Class 1 attendance) that we gave you earlier; rename these files for individual classes or teachers and allocate them to your colleagues using the share function in Google Sheets. Save them all in one folder and give it a name.

Step 5:

From inside your attendance management master sheet go to menu > add-ons > Sheetgo. Connect files and select the folder (containing your teachers’ input spreadsheets) as your source – “Select this folder”.

Step 6:

Under (1) Data Source, you need to select your source tab. First of all, select Overview per student.

Step 7:

Under (2) Settings, change the connection name from SG_Overview per student to Overview per student (the exact same name as the destination tab in your master sheet).

Step 8:

Under Advanced Settings > Identify Source, select Enable Source Identifier. Save Connection.


You have created a Sheetgo connection, by consolidating from a folder. The data will now flow automatically from the source tabs in your teachers’ input spreadsheets, straight into your master spreadsheet. Repeat the same steps with the other two tabs (Overview per month and Attendance complete check).

You now have a complete, automated attendance management tracking system. Check out your dashboard in the mastersheet: you can view key metrics such as attendance rates per class and the students with the worst attendance rates.

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