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by Sep 26, 2019

If you’re a teacher, the time-consuming task of monitoring student grades can be very overwhelming, especially when you’ve got multiple classes and you’re grading students on multiple assignments. Many teachers rely on manual systems (and their excellent memory!) to keep track of exactly how each student is performing.

You can simplify your life and drastically reduce the time you waste on paperwork after class, by digitizing and automating the student evaluation process. You don’t need to buy any special software: here we’ll show you how to create an effective gradebook system—in a spreadsheet!

To make it even easier for you, here at Sheetgo we have created a free gradebook template in Google Sheets.

Why use a gradebook template?

By using a spreadsheet template you:

  • Get a record of all students’ grades in one place
  • Give students a % and the spreadsheet automatically calculates the grade (A, B, C, D…)
  • Keep data safe—as a Google Sheets file it’s stored in the Cloud: no more missing pieces of paper!
  • See individual students’ results compared with the class average—automatically
  • Monitor which students are performing well and who needs extra help.

All in one spreadsheet!

What do I need?

We’ve created the template for you in Google Sheets, so all you need is a Google account. It’s completely free.

Using this standalone template, you just enter your students’ grades and our spreadsheet does the work. Easy. We’ve written the formulas for you.

  • Free Sheetgo Gradebook template
  • No need for special software
  • Easy to use—in Google Sheets

How do I use the gradebook template?

Click on the green button to get a copy of the template. It’s a Google Sheets file called “Class 1” and it saves automatically to your Google Drive.

The spreadsheet contains sample data to give you an example of how the template works. Just erase this data and enter your own.

Step 1:

Check out the first tab in the spreadsheet: it gives you full instructions on how to use the template. Note that you can only edit white cells in the spreadsheet; don’t try to touch the orange or gray cells as these contain formulas.

In the instructions tab you can adjust the grading scale; just make sure you list the grades from lowest to highest, so that the formulas still work.

Step 2:

In the Gradebook tab, list the names of all your students in column A, and the names of all the assignments in Row 1.

Define the weighting of each assignment (how much it is worth as a percentage of the student’s final grade).

Step 3:

After your students complete an assignment or exam, enter their % grade into the spreadsheet.

The template automatically calculates the grade (A, B, C etc) according to your grading scale. It also automatically calculates student totals and averages.

That’s it!

Your gradebook in Google Sheets is up and running!

Check out the black tabs Export Grades Data and Export Assignments Data for an automated overview of your students performance, and the class averages for individual assignments.

Got lots of classes and students?

If you need to gather and analyze the grades of large numbers of students, working in one spreadsheet could become challenging.

Perhaps you are an administrator or manager, overseeing a team of teachers?

Too many “hands” on the same spreadsheet can lead to errors and it’s not always necessary for everyone to see the grades of all other students.

If you teach multiple groups, it might make more organizational sense to have a separate spreadsheet for each class.

Spreadsheets are a brilliant, universal tool for tracking students’ performance: all teachers can access spreadsheets and they’re easy to use. But if you want to merge a lot of data together that can mean hours of time-consuming manual work. On top of that, copying and pasting can lead to errors. Imagine if your spreadsheets could “talk to each other”…

With Sheetgo they can!


Class Sheets and Master Sheet Icons

Import grades from different spreadsheets—automatically

Sheetgo is a connection platform for spreadsheets in Google Sheets. Sheetgo powers connections between them—this allows data to flow from one to the other, in an automated system. If you can use spreadsheets, you can use Sheetgo to automate workflows in your school. This means you can:

  • Give teachers individual spreadsheets for each class
  • Pull the grades data from different teachers or classes into one central spreadsheet
  • Separate data for confidentiality purposes
  • Schedule automatic updates when you want them
  • Save time on manual work and analysis
  • Reduce copy/paste errors

The result is a simple and streamlined, automated grades management system—all in Google Sheets. Check out your automated dashboard for an overview of your top performing students and other key metrics.

Interested in automating other processes in your school? Spreadsheets are a really flexible tool for improving everyday tasks for teachers and education administrators. Check out how to use our attendance management template in Google Sheets. 

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