Gradebook template in Google Sheets

by May 29, 2016

Please note that this is not a regular spreadsheet template. This is a pre-made Sheetgo spreadsheet-based workflow, which is basically a ready-to-use system based on Google Sheets and operated by Sheetgo.

The time-consuming task of monitoring student grades can be very overwhelming. Especially when a teacher has multiple classes and grades their students on multiple assignments. This is why Sheetgo created the Gradebook template in Google Sheets. It is designed to automate the consolidation of all Gradebooks to one Master spreadsheet. This Master file is provided with a dashboard to clearly see which students performed well and which students need more follow up. Take a look at the diagram below to see how the system works.

Class Sheets and Master Sheet Icons

Now let’s get you started

Step 1. Install the Gradebook template

Install the Gradebook template in Google Sheets by clicking the button below.  Log in with your Google account and your Sheetgo account will automatically be created. Click on the Use Template button inside the Sheetgo web application to configure the template inside your Google Drive.

Sheetgo has now automatically created the system by connecting the Google Drive folder Classes, which holds spreadsheets for each class and monitors the students’ performance on each assignment, to the master file Gradebooks Management.

Gradebook Template in Google Sheets: Worklow and Connections

Step 2. Open all spreadsheets

Open the “Classes” folder and the “Gradebooks Management” spreadsheet by clicking on their icons as seen in the Network View above. Inside the “Classes” folder you will find 3 Classes spreadsheets, provided with dummy data. If you teach more than 3 classes, simply copy one of these spreadsheets and make sure to store them in the same folder.

Step 3. Fill out the information

Inside the Class # spreadsheets, you will find instructions on how to use the template. List the names of all students assigned to that class. You can also fill out their given assignments and of course grade each student accordingly.

Gradebook Template in Google Sheets: Class Sheet with Sample Data

Step 4. Configure the Gradebook template

After filling out all the information for each class, go back to the Sheetgo Web Application to update the Consolidate connection between your Classes spreadsheets and the Gradebooks Management spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, you will find a list of all grades of your students of all your classes, and also a list of all the assignments performed. Easily monitor your classes’ performance in the Dashboard tab.

Gradebook Management Template Dashboard in Google Sheets


You’ve configured your Gradebook template. We hope to make the teacher’s life a bit easier by providing you with a simple solution to follow up on your students’ grades.

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