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Written by Aaron Van Goethem

Apr 23, 2021

If you are active in the education sector, you most likely are no stranger to regularly absent students. Back in the day, attendance was often tracked by checking printed lists of students’ names that had to be painstakingly reviewed on a weekly or monthly basis. Even though schools still use this system, many already embraced new technologies to automate student attendance tracking.

Adopting automation and using new technologies has saved teachers a lot of precious time. In the meantime, efficiency in the administration area increased as well. However, there are many different software tools available and it’s difficult to find the right one for your needs.

Maybe you do not want to invest heavily in complex software with a steep learning curve. If you prefer a more reliable and affordable option, use spreadsheets to build an automated attendance template in Excel.

How to get started

Sheetgo’s student attendance template in Excel is a pre-built system for automated attendance management.

It provides schools, colleges, training centers and any other organization that require tracking attendance a simple and reliable way to take roll.

What is a spreadsheet-based workflow template?

The workflow in Excel provides you with more than just some pre-built tables, charts and formulas. It is a complete system consisting of several interconnected Excel sheets that exchange data between them. First, it gives you the ability to work in your own individual file. This keeps your data secure and separated. Additionally, the template gives you the option to combine data from different files into a centralized and automated dashboard.

Moreover, when you have a lot of teachers taking attendance in the same spreadsheet, it becomes overloaded. Consequently, the whole progress is slowed down. Separate spreadsheets ensure that your workflow operates smoothly.

Attendance Management Template Excel workflow 1

What you get with this template

The Sheetgo student attendance template contains of 4 Microsoft Excel files with pre-built Sheetgo connections inside:

  • Three Class spreadsheets. Share these with your team of teachers, and make as many copies as you need for additional classes. Each teacher tracks their students’ attendance in their separate Class file. The spreadsheet automatically provides the teacher with averages and totals, so they can keep track of each student.
  • One Attendance Management master sheet, for the school administrator or head of department. Sheetgo connections pull data from the teachers’ Class spreadsheets directly into this file. A dashboard displays key information such as attendance rates per class and the top 10 students who are repeatedly absent. An attendance tracker tab allows you to check if roll was taken for every class, each day. It even flags up any teachers who have forgotten to take attendance. You also get an automated overview per student and an overview per month.

How to install the Sheetgo attendance template in Excel

Click below to install Sheetgo’s Attendance template.

How to use the attendance template in Excel

  1. Login to Sheetgo with your Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox account.
  2. Click Install on Onedrive or choose your preferred cloud-based platform from the drop down list.
  3. Please allow a few moments as Sheetgo creates the connections and saves a copy of the template files to your chosen account.

Step 1: Share the Class spreadsheets with teachers

Share each Class spreadsheet with the teacher responsible for filling them out. To do this, open one of the files by double-clicking it in the Attendance management workflow.

The Class spreadsheet now opens in a new tab. Choose to use the template online or in the Excel Desktop App.

Attendance Management Template Excel Class 2

Simply click Share in the Excel file and share the file with the right teacher.

Step 2: Enter student data

Once you have shared each Class spreadsheet with the teacher(s), they can overwrite the sample data in the file and enter the relevant list of student names.

Do this by going to the Instructions tab of any Class spreadsheet and editing the student list. Whilst you are there, enter the correct year above the students list.

Attendance Management Template Excel list

Step 3: Register attendance

During each class, the teacher quickly takes roll directly inside their spreadsheet. There is a tab for each month of the year. The days of the month run across the top of the screen from left to right.

Using the dropdown menu under each day, the teacher selects whether each student is present (P) tardy or late (T) excused or absent (E) or unexcused (U).

Step 4: Automate your workflow

The student attendance tracker template contains pre-built Sheetgo connections that pull data from the Class spreadsheets straight into the Attendance management master sheet.

Every time you update (or run) the workflow, the data in the master sheet is refreshed with the latest information from the input spreadsheets. Do this manually by clicking Run in the tab with the main Attendance management workflow.

Attendance Management Template Excel Run

If you want the connections to update at regular intervals without having to even open Sheetgo, you can automate your workflow by selecting Automate in the Attendance management workflow.

Slide the bar to Update automatically and select how often you want updates.
Choose to update multiple times a day, once a day or once a month. Next, select your preferred time window and your time zone.

Check how many updates per month your selection will approximately amount to at the bottom of the Settings tab.

Attendance Management Template Excel Automate

Lastly, Save your changes when ready and your workflow will now automatically update.

Good job!

Your automated attendance template in Excel is now up and running!

Attendance template in Excel

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