G Suite for Education: Why you should use these tools

by Jun 26, 2018

G Suite for Education is changing the face of the education system. The world is becoming increasingly digitized and schools need to keep up. You may have heard about some of the amazing benefits that G Suite for Educations is providing to schools. Google has created a set of tools that are ideal for institutions of any size, public or private, and learners of any age. It is free to adopt it into your organization and there are no monthly fees.

The only requisite schools need to have are a fast internet connection and enough computers to satisfy the population. This may mean providing a computer for each staff and faculty member.  For public primary and secondary schools, it may also mean providing Chromebooks or other laptops to students in the school. Schools may need to have computers and 3G Wifi that students can check out take home if they do not have access to the internet or a computer at home. For higher education institutions, this is a really great option as Google apps can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

G Suite for Education making a difference for students, teachers, and staff members. Let’s look at some of the benefits schools are seeing in administration and education.

Easy to Use and Intuitive

Since the majority of the G Suite is made up of common Google tools, it is usually pretty easy for users to get started. Many people are already familiar with Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive. Google designs its products to be intuitive and easy to learn. Users will be using Google apps for many of their daily activities so there will be no cross-platform learning curve. Users will not have to manually transfer information into different programs, or try to figure out how they can combine multiple tools to satisfy an end goal.

It is FREE

This is a huge benefit to schools. Google provides G Suite for Education to all schools completely free! This has huge cost saving implications for schools of any size or budget. In the past, schools had to pay for expensive software licenses that could be used on certain devices. They also had to pay for email hosting, technology upgrades, etc. Schools are saving money by not needing to pay monthly service fees, enjoying free tech support, and not needing to invest in other costly tools as technology changes.

Poor schools without the budget to pay for tech tools no longer have to let their students fall behind. Teachers can integrate online tools in any capacity to give their students the benefit of collaborative technology. Large universities are also benefiting from using G Suite free of cost. Arizona State University is recently started using G Suite and is saving $350,000 just from using Gmail over their previous email system. A Google case study done on the University of Minnesota shows they are saving between 2-3 million dollars per year by using G Suite.

Some schools may worry that Google is generating revenue from showing ads to students. Not to worry. All ads are turned off on websites and in Google search when the user is logged in via a Google Education account.

Prepares Students For the Real World

Cloud computing has already created more than 14 million new jobs, and is changing the way we work in traditional jobs as well. It is important to prepare students of all ages for the workforce. Working with cloud-based tools and learning to create collaborative projects will teach students how to really work.

Increases Student Engagement and Success

Primary and Secondary schools have found that implementing Google tools and blending learning has significantly increased student interest. By creating a richer learning experience, teachers are able to inspire students to do more. School districts like Fairview County are also seeing test scores improve after adopting blended learning.

Save Time and Resources

Although there be a small learning curve for some educators, schools can deploy the G Suite rather efficiently. Google provides great to training to prepare and deploy G Suite, and 24/7 free support by phone, email, and chat forever. Arizona State University completely adopted it in under two weeks. Because it is so simple and intuitive to use, teachers are getting time back. They waste less time figuring out how to use new tools or distribute various kinds of assignments and resources. This frees them up to focus their energy on students and be more innovative.

We are seeing huge changes in the way we teach and learn at all levels. Are you using G Suite For Education? If not, let us help you find exactly what you need. Check out the following blog post that lists the Top 5 Google Sheets Add-ons for Education.

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