What is G Suite for Education?

Stories are popping up from all over the globe about how schools are using G Suite for Education to transform education through technology. Google has reported that more than 70 million people are actively using G Suite for Education, a 10 million increase from the year prior. G Suite for Education, formerly known as Google Apps for Education, has been around more than a decade. But in recent years, it has seen a huge increase in users around the world. From Kindergarten classrooms to prestigious research universities—it is leaving a footprint on global education.  

So what exactly is G Suite and why is it so attractive for so many types of educational institutions?

It is a cloud-based set of tools that allow for collaboration and innovation in schools. It includes familiar Google products like Gmail, Calendar, and Google Docs. What makes this great for educators in Google classroom, a tool to help educators manage their course content. Teachers can use it to create, assign, and grade digital assignments. It includes other great features like easy to create Google sites and unlimited cloud storage. High-level data security keeps important data safe in the cloud.

What does G Suite cost?

Great news—G Suite for Education is free for schools around the world and always will be. Recently Google has introduced a more advanced version called G Suite Enterprise for Education. This is an optional paid version, currently only available in the U.S., it for large educational institutions who want extra capabilities. It is not a requirement for large schools to purchase Enterprise, they can keep the free version.

Who is using it?

The 70 million users are comprised of faculty, staff, and students who use these tools to streamline the flow of education and administration. Since it is so versatile, any school can benefit from its use. Primary, secondary, and higher-education institutions are all finding ways to use this innovative set of tools. Because it is cloud-based, schools need to have a reliable internet connection, as all work is done online. Some schools are also implementing Chromebooks into their system. Google estimates that 20 million people are using Chromebooks in the classroom.

What are some benefits it provides?

Not only does G Suite for Education provide students with educational tools that are transforming the way they learn, it provides major cost-saving benefits to schools. Many schools with low budgets have previously been unable to afford expensive software or an IT department. They now have powerful, modern technology, and reliable support at their fingertips at no cost. Large institutions are also finding major financial benefits from using G Suite. The University of Minnesota started using it university-wide after more than 3,000 faculty and students adopted it in favor of the university’s outdated system. They now estimate they will save between two and three million dollars a year on investments and recurring costs. Other prestigious higher education institutions that have implemented G Suite for Education including Brown, Vanderbilt, and Georgetown University. Boise University estimates an annual savings of $90,000.

It’s not just about cost.

It’s having positive effects on both students and teachers. Small schools are seeing other great benefits as well, such as increased teacher collaboration and student engagement.  Google is working with educators to improve the education experience via its technology. They worked with the Clarkstown School District in New York to create and improve the Google Classroom. By implementing easy to use and intuitive technologies, educators have more time to focus on important things.

G Suite for Education is also powering a powerful and free computer science program called CS First. This is an innovative program for children ages 9-14 that teachers without a computer science background can teach. It is currently used in more than 4,500 schools in more than 75 countries.

Google education tools are always improving. Google has committed to advancing the way we manage education and the way we learn. G Suite for Education harnesses the utility of the G Suite that many are using to power large and small businesses. What makes it stand out is how they tie it all together with educational extras tailored to fit the needs of all forms of education.

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